Professional Fighters Association (PFA) to get UFC fighters unionized

Thursday August 11, 2016 The first union for MMA fighters has been announced, the a new organization is named Professional Fighters Association. As we all know several fighters, including Mark Hunt and Jose Aldo, have always supported the idea of having a union. Well now there wishes have been granted. Dana White and Co., including the new owners at WME | IMG are probably shitting in their pants right now.

A team of experienced sports professionals that are representing “the collective interests of the fighters employed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)” consist of:

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  • Donald M. Fehr: Executive Director for NHL Players Association and MLB Players Association
  • Tony Clark: Executive Director for MLB Players Association
  • DeMaurice Smith: Executive Director for NFL Players Association
  • Bob Foose: Executive Director for MLS Players Union
  • Jeff Borris: long-time sports agent
  • Lucas Middlebrook: Labor Attorney
  • Andrew Zimbalist: Economist

The press release was released to FightBookMMA as seen below announcing the union. The website for the union is

The Professional Fighters Association (PFA) has been established today to represent the collective interests of the fighters employed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). It is the goal of the PFA to organize these hard-working athletes so that they may collectively bargain their terms and conditions of employment pursuant to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The PFA will not only be a union of fighters, but it will be governed solely by fighters. It is the fighters who will control their own futures.

The PFA has assembled a team of professionals to assist the fighters in this historic quest to take control of their careers and their future. The team includes long-time sports agent Jeff Borris, labor attorney Lucas Middlebrook, economist Andrew Zimbalist and an array of experienced support staff.

The major sports players’ unions, including the MLBPA, NFLPA, NHLPA, and the MLSPU, have provided PFA with their support of the UFC fighters’ quest to organize and collectively bargain their terms and conditions of employment.

The scales have been tipped in favor of the UFC for too long. It is time for the fighters — the one’s responsible for the UFC’s success — to receive their equal share.



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