Real Mixed Martial Arts XV Official Results, Recap And Photographs

Real Mixed Martial Arts XV

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Photo Credit: Jairo Pardo

Recap/Results: Serena De Jesus

LAS VEGAS (Tue, July 25, 2017)– Real Mixed Martial Arts XV came back for another night of action packed Muay Thai, MMA…even an impromptu pro wrestling promo, involving former UFC fighter Stephan Bonner.

Real MMA Results:

Fight 1: Ray Osborn (2-0) vs Yobanny Sanchez (2-1) (MMA) 180 lbs

Ray Osborn took the heat to Yobanny Sanchez in round one, throwing punishing shots that almost made the fight look one-sided, in Osborn’s favor. After the round ended, Sanchez was unable to get off of his stool, and upon fight doctors being summoned into the ring, the fight was called as Sanchez was unable to continue.

Ray Osborn wins Round 1 via Doctor Stoppage

Fight 2: Marlyn Navarro (0-1) vs Celina Delgato (1-1)(Muay Thai) 115 lbs

After a hard-fought war, where both Marlyn and Celine looked to have advantages over one another on each round, Celine rallied in round three to get the decision nod from the judges.

Celina Delgato wins via UD

Fight 3: Kristion Chacon (0-2) vs Timothy Cuamba (1-0)(MMA) 160 lbs

Timothy came out, guns blazing, and did some significant damage to Chacon, but, didn’t have enough time to finish in round one. In round two, Cuamba smelled blood in the water, and finished what he sought to do in round one, to get the TKO victory.

Timothy Cuamba wins TKO Round 2 0:44 seconds.

Fight 4: Khadija Mulla (2-3) vs Jennifer Clausius (6-5) (MMA) 125 lbs (MMA)

This was a heated rematch.

Last time Mulla was the victor, which started something along the lines of bad blood, which escalated to a point to (in Mulla’s words) “Jennifer blocked me on Facebook.” In the intro videos, Mulla stated to Clausius, that they could “fight right now” before walking off-screen presumably towards Clausius, who was heard in the background of the video.

It was a back and forth stand up war, however, Clausius was able to take it to the ground, working for some submissions in round one, that Mulla was able to escape from, and lay down some ground and pound for a little retribution.

In round two, the fight got a bit more technical on the ground, with both fighters trying their game out. However, Mulla was unable to outpace Clausius, who after multiple attempts, was able to sink in a rear naked choke to win the fight.

Jennifer Clausius wins via Rear Naked Choke Round 2 1:46

Fight 5: Pierre Lascaga (1-1) vs BJ Tanudra (2-2) (MMA) 125 lbs

In this spirited fight, Lascaga at first was on the run from the striking of Tanudra. Conversely, Lascaga was forced near the ropes, throwing leg kicks, to force Tunudra to slow his pace. Lascaga showed heart and fortitude under the persistent flurries of Tanudra, and threw a well placed hook that dropped Tanudra face first into the canvas, with the ref jumping in to call the fight.

Pierre Lascaga wins via KO Round 1

Fight 6: Caitlin Simmons (5-1) vs Yasyana Perez (0-3) 125 lbs (MMA)

In a very technical bout Simmons played a smart counterstriking game against Perez, which looked to frustrate Perez at times, especially, in round two. In round three Simmons picked up more of a pace against Perez, who looked to be losing a bit of steam, but still was swinging with gusto. After a well placed counterstrike near the end of the fight from Simmons, the ref stopped the action to give Simmons the TKO victory

Caitlin Simmons wins via 2:15 round 3 TKO Stoppage

Fight 7: Dannielle Hayes (2-0) vs Kawehi G. Wallace (2-0) 125 lbs (MMA championship fight)

In one of the card’s main events Australia’s Dannielle Hayes, and Hawaii’s Kawehi G. Wallace went to war for three rounds, with Danielle slightly outlanding Wallace in the first round. Kawehi in the second round started to find her rhythm, and landed counter shot against Hayes. Both women put on a striking clinic, and the damage to both women began to become more apparent with blood coming from the face of Hayes, and swelling on the face of Wallace. It was a tough fight for the judges to call but in the end Hayes got the decision of the two judges to win the split decision.

Dannielle Hayes wins via Split Decision

Fight 8: Angelo Trujillo (2-1) vs Matthew Barber (3-0) 135 lbs (Muay Thai)

In the last Muay Thai bout of the night Angelo Trujillo and Matthew Barber fought a bout that almost didn’t happen. Matthew’s original opponent wasn’t able to fight, and pulled out. Angelo Trujillo stepped up at the last-minute, because of a fight he originally had in Louisiana fell through.

Trujillo showed lots of heart and intensity in his strikes, however Barber’s reach was too much for Trujillo to get around, which allowed Barber to maneuver to a unanimous decision victory

Matthew Barber wins via UD

Fight 9: Aissame Aluiso (2-1) vs Muhammed Maimov (1-0) (MMA Co-main) 155 lbs

In our first championship bout of the night, the fans weren’t left wanting for much in terms of action. Aluiso pushed the pace with the physically imposing Maimov, who at times was struggling to find an answer as Aluiso transitioned from strikes to takedowns. At times Aluiso had Maimov in worrisome positions on the ground, that almost led to finishes. However, in round two, Maimov began to flow better with Aluiso then having a better idea of what to expect, and found his footing, which lead to an exciting TKO win.

Muhammed Maimov wins via TKO Round 2 (2:11) for the championship belt

Fight 10: Josh Quinlan (4-0) vs Rodney Edgar (2-1) (MMA Main Event) 170 lbs

The final fight for the night pitted Josh Quinlan of Wand Fight Team, against Texas’ Rodney “Rockstar” Edgar. The seemingly mild-mannered Quinlan flipped the switch in the cage to showcase his striking aggression, which took the fight from the feet, to the ground. Rodney seemed to be in deep water on the ground, almost having no answers to the heavy ground and pound rained down by Josh. As Rodney tried to escape and exposed his back, Quinlan made quick work of the split second opportunity, to secure a choke for a quick victory in less than a minute after the fight started.

Josh Quinlan wins in Round 1 (0:58) via submission to retain the championship belt

KOTN: Pierre Lagazca
FOTN: Angelo Trujillo vs Matthew Barber, Danielle Hayes vs Kawehi G. Wallace