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RFA 24: Smith vs. Romero Weigh-In Results and Fight Card

RFA 24 “Smith vs. Romero” Weigh-in Results and Fight Card:

Benjamin Smith (169.2) vs. Indalecio Tat Romero (168.2)

Melvin Blumer (135.8) vs. Jeff Curran (135.8)

Marvin Blumer (135.8) vs. Darrick Minner (135.8)

Dan Moret (145.6) vs. Bobby Moffett (145.8)

Andre Tieva (135.6) vs. Matt Brown (135.6)

Bojan Velickovic (170.2) vs. Chris Hugh (169.4)

Ricky Steele (136) vs. Jay Pressley (136)

Isaiah Pitts (170.2) vs. Ben Neumann (169.6)

Kali Robbins (115.6) vs. Corrie Ward (114.8)

Charley Bailey (165) vs. Dana Gostomczik (169)

Charles Anozie (145) vs. Jahan Galehdari (144.6)

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