ROAD FC – Hunan TV joint press conference expands collaboration, adds second Changsha event

ROAD32 Lee vs Date

ROAD32 Lin vs Date

ROAD32 Sapp vs Aorigele

ROAD032 Sapp vs Aorigele

Sapp vs Aorigele

15 June, 2016 ROAD Fighting Championship and Hunan Satellite Television (湖南卫视介绍|) held a joint press conference on 14 June, 2016 at the Hunan International Trade and Exhibition Center, in the broadcaster’s headquarters city of Changsha, China.

In attendance at the press conference were ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong and Beijing ROAD Directors, Hunan Satellite Asia Pacific Mango TV Managing Director Wang Pingbo, and many top leaders from the Hunan TV company and Golden Eagle Media. Leaders from both ROAD FC and Hunan TV delivered speeches about the Win-Win cross-border collaboration, culminating in a group countdown with a giant clapboard to signal the launch.

The intent of the collaboration is to build the industry of Mixed Martial Arts as international sports entertainment. Based in South Korea, ROAD FC firmly secured China as the key marker in Asia, taking into account the proximity of the countries, the similarity in cultures, and the rapid development of MMA in China. ROAD FC is different than other MMA promotions in that it is more integrated into the concepts and elements of Oriental culture, and that Korean cultural products can gain a good market acceptance within China.

ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong stated:

“This collaboration will be an all-around cooperation with the strongest entertainment platform of the Hunan Broadcasting Group. Together with ROAD FC, we will seek to produce world-class sporting events and top entertainment platform integration. We are hopeful about all the prospects for cooperation.”

Hunan Satellite Asia Pacific Mango TV Managing Director Wang Pingbo stated:

“With ROAD FC as our strategic partner for sports entertainment, Hunan TV expects to develop the world-class sports brand’s positioning through a variety of entertainment resources. In 2016, we will jointly organize a series of sporting events, a charity contest, ROAD Girl contests, and the introduction of a phenomenal sports reality show along with other popular sports and entertainment programming.”

The press conference also kicked off Xiaomi ROAD FC 032 set for 2 July in Changsha, as well as announcing that the consecutive ROAD FC event in China will also be in Changsha under partnership with Hunan TV on 15 October. Headlining the event will be the Openweight Tournament Final between Choi Hong-Man and Mighty Mo.

Xiaomi ROAD FC 032 fighters in attendance for the conference faced off with their opponents, and gave the following statements.

Main Eventers Bob Sapp and Aorigele traded barbs and aggression.

Bob Sapp:

“I have the confidence I can finish off someone who looks like a pregnant gorilla.”


“Your prime was ten years ago, now you’re not as strong.”

Bob Sapp:

“Think you can take me? I will make you stay down!”


“I will make it so you’re never able to stand again.”

Hana Date:

“I’m honored to fight on Asia’s number one MMA promotion ROAD FC. My opponent is an “idol girl” of ROAD FC. I’m also an idol girl, of DEEP Jewels. I’m going to make a good fight to show I am both promotions’ idol girl.”

Lee Ye-Ji:

“Thank you for being interested in me. Many people like me, I didn’t know that. I’m a fighter. So my first goal is skill, so I’ll keep training, I don’t care about popularity.”

Nori Date:

“My opponent is cute and has good sanda skill, but I’m sure I’m going to beat her.”

Lin Heqin:

“My opponent thinks of me as only a sanda fighter. If she tries to catch me on on the ground, I will show her that her opinion is wrong.”

Also among the nine bouts on Xiaomi ROAD FC 032, two of Asia’s most remarkable fighters will finally face one another when China’s hot international fighter Jumabieke Tuerxun meets Asia’s dominant bantamweight Kim Soo-Chul at Featherweight in a battle with historical implications!

New Wave MMA ROAD FC is the stage where legends shine, rookies thrill, and epic battles are waged that determine the future of MMA. From the pageantry of the grand entrance to the final crunch of the KO, ROAD FC showcases the very best of Mixed Martial Arts sports and entertainment. As we say in Korea, “Fighting!”

Event: Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 032
Date: Saturday, 2 July, 2016
Place: Hunan International Trade and Exhibition Center, Changsha, China
Live broadcast to be announced soon.


  • Openweight Bout
    Aorigele vs Bob Sapp
  • Women’s -56kg Catchweight Bout
    Lin Heqin vs Nori Date
  • Featherweight Bout
    Jumabieke Tuerxun vs Kim Soo-Chul
  • Women’s -46.5kg Catchweight Bout
    Lee Ye-Ji vs Hana Date
  • Heavyweight Bout
    Hou Zhenlin vs Gwak Byeong-In


  • Lightweight Bout
    Albert Cheng vs Lee Hyeung-Seok
  • Flyweight Bout
    Liu Xiaoyang vs Asakura Ka
  • Bantamweight Bout
    He Jianwei vs Jang Dae-Yeong
  • Featherweight Bout
    Huang Zhenyue vs Oh Du-Seok



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