ROAD official statement on dismissal of Song Ga-Yeon’s criminal lawsuit




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July 4, 2017 – ROAD Fighting Championship presents the official statement of the company on the dismissal of the criminal lawsuit filed by competitor Song Ga-Yeon against CEO Jung Mun-Hong​.

In 2016, Song Ga-Yeon, a Mixed Martial Arts competitor contracted to ROAD Fighting Championship, filed a criminal lawsuit against ROAD CEO Jung Mun-Hong in South Korea alleging threat, insult and defamation. On June 28, 2017, the Korean Prosecution Service handed down it’s final decision to dismiss the suit and will take no action against CEO Jung due to lack of evidence and no suspicion of any such criminal activity.

The Court’s decision to dismiss is highly satisfactory for ROAD and CEO Jung, having maintained that no injustices were ever committed against Ms Song. 

In response to the original filing, legal actions against Ms Song for calumny had already been instituted. However, ROAD and CEO Jung have initiated public and private attempts to solve the matter amicably and outside of Court, though Ms Song has made no response of willing to do so. In the course of discovery during the investigation, it was revealed that there are groups that have contributed what amounts to tens of millions of won (tens of thousands of dollars) towards Ms Song’s criminal lawsuit filings. That such entities would choose to support the filing of false accusations which could damage her future and her development in sports should ring an alarm for Ms Song.

Once again, ROAD and CEO Jung maintain a forward-thinking manner in solving all issues with Ms Song, if she acknowledges her shortcomings with a sincere attitude. It is our hope that all disputes can be resolved as soon as possible so that all parties can move on for positive development.

However, it is ROAD’s position that any attempt to break a valid contract in such an unfounded and unscrupulous manner shall not be tolerated, as contract definition is a cornerstone of the MMA industry, for both promoters and competitors. ROAD and CEO Jung emphasize that malicious misrepresentations will be handled in accordance with laws and principles.

ROAD and CEO Jung Mun-Hong sincerely apologize to the MMA fans, the media and the public for the escalation of an unpleasant situation. First and foremost, ROAD and CEO Jung do wish that Ms Song can return to her original position and develop as a mixed martial arts competitor.