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Roger Narvaez Ready To Show His Worth

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Roger Narvaez Ready To Show His Worth

Posted on May 7, 2014

It’s 8 a.m. on a normal day. Some are working, some are still sleeping, and some, like Roger Narvaez, are just getting off a 24hr shift. Roger is a full time fighter. For 24 hours he helps the city of Corpus Christi fight fires, the next 48 he trains to fight men. After he leaves the station Narvaez heads home, spends breakfast with the family, then hits the gym. After strength training it’s time for grappling or cardio, then partner training in the evenings before a cold dip. After all that its time for dinner with the family. “My wife is a pretty darn good cook, so that is usually the best part of my day” says Narvaez. “It does get pretty stressful at times for my family, but they understand what it takes to get to the next level.” Getting to the next level is always on the “Silverback’s” mind, and winning the Legacy Middle Weight Title is a huge step in that direction. “I often dream about having the belt around my waist, I can only imagine how it is going to feel on June 13th once I win.” Winning means doing something that not many men have done, stopping Bubba Bush (7-2). “The Fighting Texas Aggie” has not made it past the 3rd minute in the 2nd round of any of his last three fights. Narvaez (6-0) is no joke either, only making it out of the first round twice on his way to an undefeated record, putting himself in the UFC jump conversation. “For anyone who is fighting professionally the UFC should always be the main goal. I have always considered myself to be someone who likes to test themselves and the UFC has the best fighters in the world.” Thoughts of the big leagues has not distracted Narvaez one bit, he has studied his opponent and is training for anywhere this fight may take place. “He is a strong wrestler who likes to get the fight against the cage and to the ground. This will be my toughest fight by far.” Tough sure, but nothing a “Silverback” can’t handle. A man of God, he places his fate in him, and is thankful for his blessings. “I like to thank God for salvation, my wife Brandi and all those who help with my kids through out camp, my team and my sponsors.” Through all this he has remained thankful for all that his supporters do to help him. He hopes that when they strap the belt around his wait, he will show his worth. Don’t miss this middle weight showdown June 13th in Houston, TX. Get your tickets now.




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