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Wednesday May 18, 2016 41-year-old Rowdy Akers or “The Senior Citizen”, as Utah fight fans know him, will be fighting again Saturday May 21, 2016. He is Part of a stacked card for one of Utah’s main MMA promotions Steel Fist Fight Night. With two pro fights at 145 pounds and one at 135, Akers is looking to once again cut to 135. The decision was made in an effort to try to redeem himself after a tough loss in March to Jerry Shapiro. Rowdy was defeated by arm triangle choke and put to sleep (no tap) in the first round.

To understand Rowdy you have to take a step back from this weekends up coming fight and look at where he has come from.

Born and raised in the Bay Area of California, he grew up seeing his fair share of trouble. Enduring bullying as a child being the “odd man out” in his neighborhood as well. Eventually in 1994 he would move out of California and relocate in Idaho. He found work doing concrete and down the road got married and welcomed a daughter Jordan into the world around 2000. As sometimes happens, it didn’t work out and they went they separate ways. Once again starting over he continued to race motor cross as a hobby and around 2007 welcomed a little boy named Charlie into the world. A self-proclaimed “wild guy” some bad decisions lead to probation. Half involved with training and half still Running amok he took 5 amateur fights leading to a 3-2 record. Eventually he ended up violating probation and spent 2.5 years in prison.

While locked up Akers found a new passion for fitness and spent time getting in shape. Upon release he got back on track re-entering the gym and bettering himself as well. Soon he found himself helping to build the cages locally in Idaho and in Utah. He made the drive back and forth doing so until he decided to move to Utah and focus on fighting. (To this day Rowdy still helps set up the cage and tear it down after fights. Even his own fights.)

Rowdy went to war with local amateur AJ Garcia (out of The Garage MMA Gym) as one of his final Ammy fights. A 3 round battle which he lost via dec.

“It was a war. He didn’t like me before the fight and said a few things. I stayed humble…for me it was a big step up in competition. He tried one submission after another, I lost but I loved that fight.”

Soon after that defeat he turned pro. Now with a record of 2-1, he will face a 5′ 11″ opponent in Karl Grace. Rowdy is hoping Grace will stand and bangs with him. Most of Akers career he has faced fighters who consistently want to take him down. He has focused more on grappling after his recent loss and he’s ready to test himself where ever the fight takes him.

“I train hard I train full-time it’s all I do. I’m just going to go in there and just do what I do. This cut is going well. It’s a little easier than last time. I feel good.”

As for what the future holds after this fight? Akers will continue to train, fight and hopefully teach. He continues to draw inspiration from everyone in his life. From the church members at his Ogden church, to the people in his gym, From the kids classes to training partners and his coaches. Perhaps that ️motivation is what has helped him push to fight 8 times in the last 18 months.

“I want to ride this out and see where it goes. I’m proof you can teach an old dog new tricks. I’m motivated by showing people to never quit. Age is just a number, if you want something go after it. I’m just so blessed. The people in my life, my kids, my gym. I’m blessed no one thought I would even make it this far.”

Rowdy would like to thank his sponsors for making this all possible for him: Vapor mania Jason and Audrie Jones, Validated Sinner, Black Label MMA Apparel, One Hit Mma, septagon Cages, Rockwell, Genesis project, SteelFist Fight Night and girlfriend Toni Hart.



By: Korey Lane

To follow his journey go here 



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