“Rumble Young Man Rumble” Rise to a Shot at Greatness

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CALIFORNIA (Fri, March 17, 2017)– Rumble Young Man Rumble, words from the legend Muhammad Ali stands for more than just a boxing reference. It also can stand for a way to take the world by storm. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is one of the deadliest MMA fighters to ever step foot into a cage, from the KO power in his hands to having the ability to finish a fight in a blink of an eye. But outside of the cage Johnson is taking the world by storm by being a figure in the K9 world. Anthony has multiple types of dogs that he raises from puppies to adult hood, and as seen on his social media accounts he has firsthand helped find other puppies good homes. Born and raised in Dublin Georgia, Johnson was a standout athlete that became a junior college national champion in wrestling at Lassen Community College. After winning the national champion at the age of 20 Rumble decided to take his shot in the MMA world. Now in the driver seat for his second crack at gold, Anthony Johnson and his “Rumble Squad” get ready to go to war with the kingpin of the light heavyweight division Daniel Cormier.

After losing in his first fight with Cormier, a rejuvenated Johnson is coming into this fight a different fighter than we saw in 2015. With his head coach Henri Hooft helping to changing his style of fighting in ways that will conserve energy and be more effective Rumble has shown that the new Rumble Johnson will smash anything in his way. Sense his last lost to DC. Johnson has had three fights that didn’t see the 3rd round. A 2nd round KO over #5 ranked Jimi Manuwa, less than two minutes into the 1st round a TKO over the 4th ranked Ryan Bader, and in his most recent fight a 13 second KO over the #3 ranked Glover Teixeira shows that this Anthony Johnson is more Hungry and focused than he ever has been before. Now all amazing finishes aside Daniel Cormier is no push over and his fights sense winning the title has shown just that. In his first defense D.C. Went 5 bloody action packed rounds with Alexander Gustafsson, and even though the decision was close Cormier walked out champion and showed the world he was no push over. Now ready for his second go around with Johnson, the champion knows that he can wrestle his way to win but Cormier has stated on multiple occasions that he intends to show everyone that he can stand toe to toe with Rumble and beat him. Johnson has welcomed a war of hands with Cormier but also knows that he needs to be ready for a war on the ground, and he needs to pace himself for a 5 round fight.

Adversity has always found Johnson on his path to greatness, his UFC career started at welterweight. His walking weight was around 220 pounds and when he needed to make his weight cut he would cut down to 170. It takes a toll on your body when you have to cut that much weight so when it was fight time Johnson was already fighting from behind the 8 ball. Even though his record wasn’t that bad as a welterweight he missed weight a few times and a couple of key losses found himself released from the UFC and in WSOF. In the WOSF Johnson made the move to 205 and even fought at heavyweight against the former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski. After dominating in the WSOF Rumble received a call from the UFC to come back and compete against the best at 205 pounds. In his first fight, back Rumble took on a top 10 contender in Phil Davis, and Johnson didn’t miss a beat. Johnson dominated on the feet and on the ground, Davis is a NCAA national champion in wrestling and Johnson took it to him. After earning the unanimous decision victory Rumble went on a war path. Rumble at times has found trouble outside of the octagon when at times people tried to take advantage of the rising star, some fans and certain media outlets decided to come at Johnson in a way that he didn’t like. Now while everyone has their own way of doing things, there is always a line of respect that you shouldn’t cross and when those people crossed it Rumble let people know how he felt. When Rumble expressed his feeling or thoughts others didn’t agree but the #1 contender in the light heavyweight division laughed it off and let the critics say what they want while he was putting people to sleep in the octagon. A lot of time people think just because you’re a fighter or that you train hard that you’re a meat head or have a short temper, but as Rumble has shown before on his Instagram handles @RumbletimeKennels which has been now changed to @Rumbletimefrenchies that you can kick ass outside of the octagon as well. From his Pitbull’s to his French bulldogs Johnson always takes time to take care of his animals and treat them with nothing but love and respect. At times, he helps sell off new litters of puppies as I have had a few exchanges with him about a liter and outside of being a fan he was kind and made sure that if he was to help sell one of the puppies that it was going to a good home. There’s more than meets the eye, that if you take the time to see beyond the fighter you’ll see that not every fighter is a hot head and that sometimes if you take the time to learn about the fighter you won’t jump to judgment.

At the end of the day Anthony Rumble Johnson is a humble man who grew up with a loving family that always helped him achieve the goals that he strived for. A big heart for loved ones and animals helps push Rumble to strive in the octagon. When the Octagon door closes at UFC210 on April 8th in Buffalo two men will fight for the light heavyweight title. But there is more to it than meets the eye, two legacies are going to be built both men know that they may never get another crack at gold again. In MMA nothing is promised, you’re a kick or punch away from your career being over. Anthony Johnson has worked hard every day of his professional career to get here from KO people out with his hands or his kicks or dominating the ground game and finishing up his opponent with a submission. He has cleared out the entire division to get here. There is only one step left in his way, and if he can clear that last step. His hand will be raised, and all the hard work will be paid off. You will hear the voice of the octagon Bruce Buffer say “ANDNEW”.

By: Rick San Bartolome
“The Franchise”

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