Shane Campbell rips into Stephen Beaumont before Unified 33

EDMONTON (Wed, November 22, 2017)– Before Shane “Shaolin” Campbell defends his Unified MMA lightweight championship against Stephen Beaumont at Unified 33 on Dec. 15 in Edmonton, LIVE on FightBookMMA on the Network, the dynamic UFC vet sat down with FightBookMMA.

How do you feel about the success you’ve had in Unified?

It’s awesome. It’s a continuation of my successes over the last fifteen years, really. I’ve been progressively learning and improving upon my martial arts skills.

Why have you stayed in the sport so long?

Because a lot of guys are not martial artists. They get into the sport for the sake of having some recognition where even if I got zero recognition, I would be training in a martial arts atmosphere at different gyms with different coaches among different martial arts. I would be doing it as a hobby, regardless of my success. These other cats that are regional kids, like Beaumont, the guy I’m going to fight – he’s never going to make it past this regional level because he isn’t a martial artist. He’s in it so that people could know he’s a fighter – so that someone will fear him one day. That’s not why I’m in this.

Were you surprised when he started taking shots at you?

No, I’m not surprised at all. A person like that needs to pump himself up to be able to fight a guy like me.

How does he rank as far as guys you’ve fought?

Very low on the scale of people I’ve fought.

Is it tough to get excited about fighting a guy you see as being so far beneath you?

I don’t have to puff myself up to be able to compete. At all. Like I said, I’d train day-in and day-out – regardless of if I have a fight coming up or not. If you’re asking me, “why have you stayed in?” Because I’m good at this. I’ve been good at it for quite a while. I know how to teach other people. I really enjoy the health benefits of training and it’s all something I want to continue on in my life – passing on my knowledge to younger people who are passionate about the sport.

What does that Unified Championship belt mean to you?

Like I said, I don’t think I really need the recognition – but it’s nice. I’m coming back home and I’m going to set up shop. Everyone will know I’m the Champ. There are a few people, regionally who wanted to be the Champion and tried to step up. Like Beaumont is going to attempt to take a shot. He’s got a chance. He has nothing to lose in this fight, I’ve got something to lose.


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