SHOOTMedia Exclusive – Fight Valley PROMO

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Tuesday October 13, 2915– Award-winning filmmaker, Rob Hawk, will have an action-packed film called Fight Valley which will be Coming out soon fall of 2015. You can head out to the official FightValley website here.

In this movie we will see top female MMA stars which include Meisha Tate, Cris Cyborg and Holly Holm. These female fighters including the rest of the cast, will be helping by telling us about a story of love, death and revenge.

TheSHOOT take us behind the scenes of the anticipated movie FightValley and filmed an all exclusive access with Miesha Tate, Chris Cyborg and Holly Holm.

In the Promo below, the cast discuss their experience on movie set. Miesha Tate, Chris Cyborg and Holly talk about fighting Rhonda Rousey in the future.

Miesha and Holly open up and talk about how they dealt with the news that Holly would be fighting Rousey next.

SHOOTMedia Exclusive – Fight Valley PROMO:

(Video Courtesy of TheSHOOT)

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