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If you had the opportunity to sponsor a fighter for free, yes I said it free, would you do it? Now I’m sure you’re asking how’s this possible. And what’s the catch. Here at FightBookMMA we always put the Fighters First.


We want to help all Amateur and Pro Fighters. Everyone who helps us will be helping by Giving Back and help these Fighters that don’t have the money to pay for Travel, Hotel, Gym Time, etc.

This is how we’re going to sponsor a fighters. This website has ads, and the ads are on each article and pages. These ads don’t generate hundreds or thousands of dollars, that’s why we are asking for your help by joining the FightBookMMA Nation. The way YOU the FANS can help a fighter get sponsored is by spreading the word about FightBookMMA.com. The more traffic we have, the more you SHARE the articles is how you are helping us raise money. Just Share the articles that’s it?

Now the way it works is very easy. Every time someone Shares and Likes the articles the ads generate money. Any money that is generated is deposited in our Fighter Sponsorship Account, that’s it simple and easy. Now if you want to donate you can click here for more information. And if you want to join the FightBookMMA Nation click here to buy a T-shirt and show your support. I’m sure you are wondering how you are going to know if we are sponsoring these fighters. We will send out a post or article on all social media announcing which fighter is being sponsored by FightBookMMA.com. Wouldnt it be nice to say “Yeah I helped him/her get sponsored.”

We all know that times are rough and it’s hard for these fighters to raise money especially the up and coming fighters. This is the reason we are raising money because let’s face it, without these fighters we as fans will not be watching our favorite sport. This is a good way for us the fans and the MMA and Boxing community can get together and help a fighter get sponsored. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible to help out the fighters especially the Amateur fighters. Most of these Amateur fighters have full-time jobs and some even have families. And it’s hard for them to even put money aside to train, travel and pay for gym time. So why not help them make their dreams come true. Wouldn’t it be cool to say that you helped this Ammy fighter make it to the Top?

And let’s not forget the Pro Fighters, some of them don’t have the luxury in being able to train full-time. They also have full-time jobs on top of training full-time and have families to take care of. So why not all of us get together and help them out. Now every time you see a FightBookMMA Logo on a shirt or banner you can say that you the fans made this possible. Let’s get this campaign going and let’s help these fighters make their dreams come true.

Thanks for your continued support and lets all join the #FightBookMMANation.

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