SteelFist Fight Night 49 “Battle at the Riverbend” Recap, Results & Photographs

SteelFist Fight Night 49

SLC, Utah at The Riverbend Sports Complex

Recap/Photos By: Michael Dukes

Photo Credit: SteelFist Fight Night 

UTAH (Sun, April 16, 2017)– SteelFist Fight Night is known around Utah for putting on exciting fight cards and SteelFist Fight Night 49 was no exception as only two of the fights went to decision.

SteelFist Fight Night 49 took place on Saturday, April 15, 2017 in SLC, Utah at The Riverbend Sports Complex. Below you will find the recap from FightBookMMA’s correspondent Micheal Duke including the official results and recap.

Amateur flyweight (125 lbs)

Daryl Sullivan (0-1-0) vs. Brandon Lemmings (1-2-0)

The fight was kept standing with Lemmings landing some brutal leg kicks and having the advantage standing. Before the start of the second round, Sullivan couldn’t continue the fight due to an apparent foot injury. Winner: by ref stoppage Brandon Lemmings (2-2-0)

Amateur lightweight (155 lbs)

Bobby Simpson (0-1-0) vs. Josh Heath (1-1-0)

Round 1. Bobby early on secured the takedown and kept Heath there for most of the fight with his grappling.

Round 2. Bobby yet again got an early takedown, threw a few punches. Managed to get full mount and postured up to throw strikes until the referee stopped the fight. Winner 0:44 of round 2 (TKO) Bobby Simpson (1-1-0)

Amateur Welterweight (170)

Andy Black (0-0-0) vs. Charles Zimmerman (0-0-0)

This fight did not last long at all as Zimmerman hit Black with a devastating right hook that instantly knocked Black out. Winner 0:08 round 1 (KO) Charles Zimmerman (1-0-0) Knockout of the night

Amateur Lightweight (155)

Kris Ricks (0-2-0) vs. Rico Valdez (0-1-0)

Both fighters kept the fight standing, with Valdez hitting Ricks with an overhand right that dropped him and the TKO victory. Winner 0:58 round 1 (TKO) Rico Valdez (1-1-0)

Amateur Bantamweight (135)

Joey Revelli (0-0-0) vs. Tre McCoy (2-0-0)

Round 1. Neither fighter wanting to go to the ground as both kept it standing with Joey landing a few solid kicks.

Round 2. Joey decided to go to the ground and gets two takedowns but nearly gets caught in an inverted triangle at the end of the round

Round 3. Joey gets another takedown and stays in top position most of the round, nearly finishing the fight with his strikes. Winner unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Joey Revelli (1-0-0)

Amateur light heavyweight (205 lbs)

Zach Cavender (2-0-0) vs. Thomas Harper (1-3-0)

Zach controlled the fight keeping Harper at distance with his striking, eventually hitting Harper with a combo that drops him and finishes the fight in full mount. Winner 1:25 round 1 Zach Cavender (3-0-0)

Amateur Flyweight (125 lbs)

Jordan Marshall (2-0-0) vs. Robby Miner (1-2-0)

Round 1. This fight could have ended very early as both fighters landed heavy punches early on. Robby lands a takedown and almost submits Marshall twice. Marshall gets a takedown of his own close to the end of the round, landing some god strikes on the ground.

Round 2. Both fighters could have easily knocked each other with the way they were throwing down but Robby gets a takedown midway through the round and goes for a submission again but Marshall reverses it and secures an armbar and gets the submission victory. Winner 2:20 Round 2 Jordan Marshall (3-0-0) Fight of the night.

Amateur Heavyweight title fight (265 lbs)

Curt Liefson (2-1-0) vs. Ben Moa (3-0-0) champ

Another fight that ended early that had Moa landing some brutal leg kicks but it was a straight right that dropped Liefson and Moa getting the TKO win. Winner 0:44 round 1 and still the heavyweight champion Ben Moa (4-0-0)

Amateur Bantamweight title fight (135 lbs)

Austin Strehle (4-0-0) vs. Joel Haro (8-1-0) champ

This fight could have went either way as both fighters seemed evenly matched, with Haro having the slight advantage on the ground and getting a very close split decision victory. Winner by split decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46) and still Bantamweight champion Joel Haro (9-1-0). Link to this fights photos here.

Professional Welterweight (170 lbs)

Trevor Cook (5-7-0) vs. Josh Bateman (4-3-0)

Bateman throwing some heavy kicks early on and gets a takedown. Bateman manages to get full mount, traps an arm and secures the arm triangle submission victory. Winner 1:51 round 1 Josh Bateman (5-3-0).

Professional Featherweight (145 lbs)

AJ Garcia (0-0-0) vs. Rowdy Akers (4-2-0)

Garcia pretty much controlled the fight on the ground, keeping Akers there most of the fight with his grappling and hurting Akers in the second round. The third round saw both fighters have dominant position on the ground but Garcia did enough to get the decision win. Winner unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) AJ Garcia (1-0-0). Link to this fights photos here.

Professional welterweight (170 lbs)

Carson Gregory (1-0-0) vs. Kade Lindstrom (1-1-1)

Round 1. Kade took the round with two takedowns but Carson ended in top position at the end of the round.

Round 2. Carson showed signs of a broken nose after a few shots from Kade and towards the end of the round Kade gets hit with a few punches and looked hurt.

Round 3. Carson gets an early takedown and takes Kade’s back, flattening him out and sinking in a rear naked choke, getting him the victory. Winner 2:04 round 3 Carson Gregory (2-0-0) submission of the night.

Professional lightweight (155 lbs)

Kerry Lattimore (11-13-0) vs. Jordan Chandler (13-11-0)

Round 1. Jordan controlling the fight on the ground, showing off his grappling skills, landing some good body shots

Round 2. Jordan kept the fight standing, dropping Kerry with a combo and taking his back and securing the rear naked choke forcing Kerry to tap. Winner 1:34 round 2. Jordan Chandler (14-11-0).

Professional featherweight title (145 lbs)

Skyler Frazier (5-1-0) vs. Jon Neal (9-0-0) champ

Round 1. Frazier hits Neal with a combo that opens a cut above Neal’s right eye and gets a takedown near the end of the round.

Round 2. Frazier goes for a takedown but Neal nearly taps him with a flying guillotine. Frazier nearly avoids a spinning back kick but gets taken down in the process and Neal ends the round in full mount.

Round 3. Neal goes for a takedown but Frazier goes for a guillotine and almost taps Neal. Neal manages to get to full mount and forces Frazier to tap due to an arm triangle. Winner 2:40 round 3 and still champion Jon Neal (10-0-0). Link to this fights photos here

Photographs from Micheal Dukes:

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