SteelFist Fight Night 53: “Rupture” Recap, Official Results And Photographs

Salt Lake City, UT (Sun, October 15, 2017)– SteelFist Fight Night 53: “Rupture” continues to put on great fight cards and did so yet again Saturday night with only a single fight going to decision.

FightBookMMA’s correspondent Michael Dukes was on scene covering the event. Below you will find the Official Results and Photographs.

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Amateur Flyweight (125 lbs)
McKay Diamond (0-0-0) vs Edgar Sorto (1-0-0)

Diamond took control of the fight early with his clinch work and landing and landing a few strikes but Sorto managed to get a takedown, take Diamond’s back and get the win with the rear naked choke.

Winner 2:31 in round 1 by tap out (RNC) Edgar Sorto (2-0-0)

Amateur Middleweight (185 lbs)
Brian Miller (0-0-0) vs Elias Landau (2-2-0)

Miller took the fight to the ground with an early takedown. Elias managed to reverse position which miller used to his advantage to get the win with a armbar

Winner 1:32 in round 1 by tap out (armbar) Brian Miller (1-0-0)

Amateur Heavyweight (265 lbs)
Loren Sua (1-0-0) vs Malili Ete

Round 1
Ete got the takedown early in the round and nearly finished the fight with his striking but seemed to tire himself out towards the end of the round

Round 2
Sua got a takedown early and didn’t let up with his striking and didn’t let up, getting to full mount and getting the TKO win

Winner 1:25 in round 1 by TKO Loren Sua (2-0-0)

Amateur Cruiserweight (225 lbs)
Colten Hildebrand (0-0-0) vs Jesse Connor (0-0-0)

Round 1
Early in the fight both fighters landed good punches but neither doing much till Colten stunned Connor and nearly dropping him but Connor managed to get Colten to the ground and land a few punches to end the round

Round 2
Round seen both fighters throwing and landing good punches with both trying to finish the other at the end of the round

Round 3
Both fighters continued to go for the finish, neither wanting to give up but Connor seemed to get the upper hand with his striking

Winner by unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-27) Jesse Connor (1-0-0)

Amateur Lightweight (155 lbs)
Ethan Shepard (2-1-0) vs Michael O’Laskey (8-3-0)

Round 1
Michael took the fight to the ground with an early takedown and maintained controlling position throughout the round, even getting full mount

Round 2
Michael goes for a wild punch and gets his back taken by Shepard who almost finishes the fight towards the end of the round with a submission attempt

Round 3
Michael took control of the round, getting the best of Ethan with a body shot that drops him, gets to full mount and finishing the fight with his striking

Winner 2:35 in round 3 by TKO Michael O’Laskey (9-3-0)

Amateur Super Heavyweight title (over 265 lbs)
Ryan Gunderson (1-2-0) vs Ranu Meah (2-0-0)

Ranu got a takedown with an outside trip and made Ryan tapout with his striking

Winner 1:31 in round 1 by tap out to strikes Ranu Meah (3-0-0)

Pro Heavyweight (265 lbs)
Ryan Wagner (12-16-0) vs Ben Moa (5-0-0)

Ryan gets a takedown and lands a few strikes but Moa reverses position and dominates on the ground getting the finish with his striking.

Winner 2:30 in round 1 by TKO Ben Moa (6-0-0)

Pro lightweight (155 lbs)
Daniel Grass (10-22-0) vs AJ Garcia (9-5-0)

Grass goes for a head kick but gets taken down by Garcia. Grass manages to reverse position, get to half guard and gets the submission win

Winner 3:30 in round 1 by tap out (Ezekiel choke) Daniel Grass (11-22-0)

Pro Welterweight (170 lbs)
Carson Gregory (8-1-0) vs Cisco Alcantara (8-14-0)

Both fighters came out swinging with Carson hitting Cisco with a combo that drops him and gets the TKO win

Winner 0:25 in round 1 by TKO Carson Gregory (9-1-0)

Co Main Event
Pro Lightweight (155 lbs)
Dustin Jenkins (12-2-0) vs Thomas Hughes (5-0-0)

Thomas was aggressive with his striking and got a takedown that got stood up with neither fighter doing much. Dustin then hits Thomas with a head kick that drops him and getting the finish.

Winner 2:22 in round 1 by TKO Dustin Jenkins (13-2-0)

Main Event
Pro Lightweight title (155 lbs)
Kyle Herrera (8-6-0) vs Thiago Alves (7-4-0)

Both fighters landing good leg kicks with Alves getting the takedown and getting the submission win with the kimura.