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Steelfist Fight Night 54 Official Results, Recap and Photographs

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (Sun, December 10, 2017)– SteelFist Fight Night 54 took place at The Rail Event Center in Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday, December 9, 2017.

FightBookMMA’s correspondent Jay Durham and Photographer Kaitlin Newbold attended the event. Below you will find the official results, recap and photographs.

SteelFist Fight Night 54 Recap And Official Results: 

Trevor Mortimer defeats Christian Gilford via submission

Zach Partidge defeats Denny Soriano wins by submission (RNC)

Brittany Guillemin vs Carissa Merrill

Round 1 – Brittany Guillemin comes out in the first pressing the action, they get against the cage and Carissa Merrill goes for a guillotine choke but can’t get it. They separate and exchange blows. Round one closes with them striking, a close first round.

Round 2 – They meet in the middle clinch going to the cage. Kicking for position, Brittany lands a sweep and take Carissa down. Carissa now in half guard trying to work and takes the full mount. From the mount Brittany just start raining bombs, Carissa has no answer, ref calls the fight.

Brittany defeats Carissa via ground and pound in Round 1

Tyler Trantham vs Mark “Blanka” Chavez

Round 1 – Chavez immediately comes out and shoots on Tyler, taking him against the cage. Chavez lands a hip toss and takes Tyler down in his guard. They scramble, Tyler works his way to his feet while Chavez is trying to land blows. Chavez again has Tyler against cage and pulls Tyler to the ground, Tyler goes for a triangle. Chavez pulls out and drops a hard punch, now working from side guard trying to get full mount. Round 1 closes with Chavez on top in side guard.

Round 2 – Chavez throws some shots, they clinch, knees be thrown by both fighters, again Chavez lands a hip toss on Tyler and again he is in side control. Working for position and throwing strikes. Chavez tries for an arm bar, takes his back in the scramble, flattens out Tyler and starts raining bombs. Tyler rolls into and Chavez is in full mount. Round closes with Chavez throwing punches from the top.

Round 3 – Chavez lands a big shot at the beginning of the round, against the cage they go and again, Chavez takes Tyler down to gain side control. Chavez continues to land punches where he can, Tyler just can’t get in a actionable position. Chavez takes his back, flattens him out and lands some more blows, then attempts a rear naked. He can’t get it and Tyler rolls out but Chavez is still on top landing strikes. Round ends with Chavez again on top. A dominant performance by Chavez.

Mark Chavez defeats Tyler via unanimous decision

Rico Valdez vs Ului Pupunu

Round 1 – They meet in the middle and a wild brawl ensues, Rico lands an accidental low blow and Ului rests for a moment. They meet again and start throwing bombs, Ului gets the better of the exchange, Rico goes down and Ului throws violent strikes causing the ref to bring a stop to the fight.

Ului defeats Rico via referee stoppage (TKO) in Round 1

Tyson Cowan vs Jared Toothaker

Round 1 – They meet in the middle and begin to exchange, Tyson lands a couple good shots to start the fight off. Tyson lands some body shots. Tyson appears to be the more crisp striker. Jared pushes against the cage and lands a takedown on Tyson. Jared is going for a rear naked and it’s close. Jared sinks it in and begins to squeeze. Tyson survives, rolls out and Jared takes to full mount. Jared is landing elbows from the top as well as hammer fists, round 1 closes with Jared on top landing blows but Tyson survives the round

Something very odd happens at the end of the round and Tyson appears to be arguing with the ref. It’s unclear what has happened at the moment but the ref has waived off the fight.
Jared wins the fight because Tyson refused to start the fight from a position the ref told them they had to start from. Very, very strange outcome.

William Dunkle vs Trevor Bradshaw

Round 1 – They meet in the middle and begin feeling each other out, trying to find the range. Trevor throws a nice leg kick. They both are trying to find their rhythm and Trevor gets hit with a low blow. They take a moment and get back to it. They both are landing some shots but William lands a massive right hand and swarms Trevor, Trevor falls to the ground and William is absolutely relentless. After many unanswered blows the ref is forced to stop the fight.

William defeats Trevor via referee stoppage (TKO) in Round 1

Jon Wixom vs Cole Shafer (Middleweight Title Fight)

Round 1 – First thing Cole comes in with a vicious takedown. He tries to gain a position but they get back to the feet and trade some blows. Again Cole shoots for a takedown and lands it. They scramble and Jon takes an arm. He secures an arm bar and Jon is forced to tap.

Jon defeats Cole via submission (armbar) in Round 1. New middleweight champion Jon Wixom

Ben Moa vs Eric Iman (Heavyweight Title Fight)

Round 1 – They come out and exchange blows. It’s pretty even on the exchanges but Eric is having a hard time finding his range. Ben connects with a right hand and staggers Eric. Eric recovers and they go back at it. Round 1 ends with pretty evenly.

Round 2 – They meet and start throwing blows, in the exchange, Eric loses his footing and goes against the cage. Ben rushes in and in the fray Ben gets caught with a low blow. They separate and take a moment. They go back at it, Ben is landing some nice leg kicks. Eric is still trying to find his range. Ben comes in with a beautiful overhand right and catches him flush. They stand in the middle and trade blows, Ben is getting the better of the back and forth. Ben is also working some nice body shots. Every time Eric goes for a big blow, Ben is able to side step him. Eric throws a really nice leg kick and stumbles Ben. Eric goes for a knee when Ben ducks and just misses. Ben looks like he is gassing a bit. Eric clips Ben and rushes in and as he rushes in Ben catches Eric with a HARD right hand and drops Eric to the ground. Ben swarms him with shots, the fight is called. New heavyweight champion, Ben Moa!

Ben Moa defeats Eric via ref stoppage (TKO) in Round 2.


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