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Tallon Torres: More Focused Than Ever

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Saturday January 16, 2016– Born and raised in Southern Utah Torres grew up athletic. A wrestler and football player, in college he had a couple of friends introduce him to MMA. They fought with an unknown under ground promotion, but it was enough for to get him hooked.

“To me it was the purest form of competition.”

Some of his most memorable fights were not all wins for him. However one that stands out was against James Birdsely which solidified for him his want to pursue fighting. Torres took the fight literally a few hours before the bout was scheduled and finished the more experienced “bird dog” Birdsely with a KO 27 seconds into the first round. Opening new doors for Tallon in the process.

Now 10-5 as a pro fighting out of Cedar City Jiu jitsu and MMA he spent time fighting in several promotions. He won the welter weight belt in SteelFist Fight Night by a vicious Rear Naked Choke. Shortly after that he had to step away from the title to repair some injuries.

“I needed to take some time to get healthy so I could compete at the highest level, against guys like Jason South. Before I was taking fights on short notice, training for 2 weeks on my own. Going in and just brawling no game plan. I feel good now, I’m in the gym every day. I’m a whole new fighter inside and out of the cage. I’m more focused and motivated than ever”

Healthy and focused on his MMA career again the part-time bouncer for a local bar credits his long time girl friend for helping him refocus and commit to MMA again.

“Without her believing in me I never would have started to get my life back on track. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten myself healthy enough mentally and physically to compete at this level. I can’t stress enough how much her and all the other people who didn’t give up on me, did for me.”

Now he’s ready to step in the cage and answer the question, whose belt it really is.

March 11, 2016 Torres takes on current welter weight champ Jason South.

“I have nothing but respect for Jason. I’ve followed his career and I look up to him. He’s a great role model and top grappler. I’ve wanted this fight for a long time. Like Jason said, I don’t have to ️hate you to hit you. For 25 minutes we are enemies but it’s nothing personal.”

Both fighters had no predictions to make on how this will go down. Both willing to go where the fight takes them and finish it there. Another thing they both agree on ?

“It’s gonna be a fight, and I’ll be prepared.”

Fight fans don’t want to miss out on this Steel Fist main event. Both with heavy hands and technical submission skills this could be a 5 round war or end quickly.

Tallon wants to thank his sponsors: Cedar City Jiu Jitsu and MMA, Big Hit Vapors and MMA apparel and Mi Sangre.

By: Korey Lane



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