The Biggest Muay Thai Promotion in U.S., Partners with U.K.’s Biggest, To Produce Big Time-INTERNATIONAL Muay Thai Event – Part 1

Scott Kent’s LION FIGHTS #39 has teamed up with U.K.’s MUAY THAI GRAND PRIX for an Internationally televised event “MTGP presents LION FIGHT #39” in London at the O2 Arena November 18th, 2017. This event spectacular will feature the U.K. star Evan Jays vs. Aaron McGahey, Chip Moraza-Pollard vs.Jordan Smith both TITLE bouts, Jose Varela vs. Keith McLachlan, with many more bouts to be announced. Scott Kent an award winner of the “Most Active Promoter Award” in Muay Thai continues to produce. I spoke with Kent recently, to catch up, on LION FIGHTS latest developments, and the evolution of LION FIGHT. Kent shared he was working on some P.R. stuff and logistics, for Saturday and preparing to leave the U.S. within hours for the U.K. but still made time to speak with us at, to lay out the details of his Plans. LION FIGHTS within the U.S. are, and have been televised on AxisTV, but for this U.K. event it will be broadcast on FLOCOMBAT Internationally, and tickets will be sold on AxisTicket website, MTGP website for those whom wish to attend the event, and start times will be 7pm (UK), 2pm eastern standard(US).

Kent explained his vision with MTGP started when LION FIGHTS would bring over great British fighters for his shows in the States, and with the combination of the MTGP/UK having the best British fighters, and LION FIGHTS having the Biggest Promotion with the best fighters, it just made sense. KENT stated he “had went to one of MTGP events in London, and thought they did a really nice job. I just really thought that was the next step for LION FIGHT to make this an International product, when you consider LION FIGHT is the biggest MUAY THAI promotion in the U.S., to be able to make this (L.F.) an International product, because this is an International sport. Combined with the fact that we usually bring in (US) British fighters, it just seemed to be our best bet. We (LION FIGHT) have the best MT fighters on the planet in the US, so we thought we’d bring our fighters over and combine them in an European event showcasing both US and European fighters. It will not be the US vs UK, but just a situation were we can share our knowledge and experiences, and see what happens. We want boots on the ground over there in case a fighter misses weight, or something happens, but our fighters are professionals, and they are ready to go and i’m excited to get over there and get working on this thing. Right now we are just focusing on the brand itself. One thing I think is important for the development of our sport, is for fans, who maybe aren’t as familiar with Muay Thai is, it’s all stand up fighting. It’s not MMA, it’s not Grappling, it’s not Wrestling. A lot of promotion do not have a clinch. In our fights you will see the clinch, elbows, knees, punches, kicks, and educating our fan base on the differences between Kickboxing vs Muay Thai, and Muay Thai vs MMA. We feel we have the most exciting elements of fighting, and we thought it would give our guys an opportunity to fight overseas, that they’ve never had before.” as a result of the overwhelming popularity of this partnered event, every single fighter on the LION FIGHT roster has requested to be on this first ever partnered overseas card, which Kent said was unique, as well. KENT went on, “I think MTGP see’s this as an opportunity to raise their profile as well.”

When asked if this was going to be considered a Super Bowl of Muay Thai, Kent explained basically not at this Nov 18 event or maybe more like a “not yet” is how I heard it anyways, as Kent continued “I think what you’re gonna see in 2018 will be more of what you’re referring to,” where fighters fight hard throughout the year within their home countries in an attempt to qualify or to be considered more seriously for the overseas “partnered events” more or less. Kent went on further to add “If we do 2 shows in the UK, and 1 in Australia, and our regular shows in the US, I think it will build up to that” (Super Bowl of Muay Thai by comparison-as i’d worded my inquiry, to him earlier). LION FIGHT started in 2010, just shy of 8 yrs in business. It took the UFC 13 years before it ever make a penny. LION FIGHT is not only just existing it’s growth has taken it to now, Globally Big League events.

I (Cameron C.) wanted to thank my supporters/sponsors Valerie Morrison @ Patton Eugene Photography, and Talon Muay Thai/Fight Gear.

Article By: Cameron Chrisp