The Biggest Muay Thai Promotion in US-LION FIGHT, Partners with UK’s Biggest-MUAY THAI GRAND PRIX, to Produce Big Time-INTERNATIONAL EVENT-LION FIGHT #39 LONDON (PART 2)

A WBC-MUAY THAI’s -MOST ACTIVE PROMOTER AWARD Winner SCOTT KENT’s- LION FIGHT #39, partners with UK’s popular GRAND PRIX OF MUAY THAI, 2 of the world’s most dominate forces on the planet, combine to create a World MUAY THAI Super Show of sort, some 30 yrs in the making! This historical event will take place on Nov 18th, 2017, fights start 7pm(UK)/2pm eastern(US) and will streamed WorldWide on FloCombat (click here to watch the event) for the first time in LION FIGHTS history, and take place @O2 ARENA (London). This will also be LION FIGHT’s first event outside of the US. When I spoke with KENT, he stated he expected 9-12 fights to be broadcast on stream (and 2 more-partnered events in 2018).

When I asked KENT which Commentators will be used at L.F.#39, Kent stated he will be using the MTGP Ring Announcer and Commentators. KENT further stated though his Commentators were eager to go, he said the MTGP do a really good job, and in combination with this being held in the UK he thought that a British Ring Announcer/Commentators might be more appropriate considering the transition of LION FIGHT now being in the UK, in a UK arena. KENT went on to mention in the future he might modify that scenario, and we’ll see what happens.

Kent has stated at one point in our conversation that “ what we’re looking at for 2018 are TV networks that are more sports based, to be able to get into more homes. One of the things we are considering is how aggressive are these TV networks? As far as getting exposure, and how do we get to that next level of exposure. This would’ve been difficult 15 years ago, before the UFC, because I think it really opened people’s eyes. I think people got really disappointed with a tainted boxing process with all the drama and politics that went with all that. I think people just felt cheated for a lot of years. As a result Boxing lost their fan base. There are many Muay Thai promotions who have not expanded more than just regionally in over 25 years. What I really liked about MTGP is that they shared our vision and enthusiasm for what Muay Thai can become!”

GLOVES SIZE— uses 8oz. for 145 lbs. And below. 10oz. glove above 145 lbs.

ROUNDS—- 5×3 minutes, (1 minute between rounds) Title/ NON-Title-all bouts


The Main Event will feature JORDAN SMITH vs CHAMPION-CHIP( The Surgeon) MORAZZA-POLLARD(5-0) in a CruiserWeight bout. SMITH has his sight set on tearing the LION FIGHT TITLE away from the “SURGEON” MUAY THAI prospect EVAN (EVSTER) JAYS whom had over a 110 fights as a class B (Ammy) as a youth. Now 18, JAYS is a class A (Pro) faces McGahey in a BantamWeight bout MTPG

Presents LION FIGHT #39 Card:

Chip Moraza-Pollard vs. Jordan Smith -LION FIGHT & MTGP World CruiserWeight Title
(Main Event)

Armine Ballafrikh vs. Dean James -MTGP World FeatherWeight Title (Co Main Event)

Jose Varela vs. Keith Mclachlan -MTGP Super Featherweight Title

Ryan LI vs. Liam McKendry -MTGP World Light Heavyweight Title

Michael Pham vs. John Scott -MTGP European Welterweight Title

Eddie Abasolol vs. Jersey Pinto -Middleweight Bout

Than Hoang vs. Shaquille Davies – Super Lightweight Bout

More to be announced. To read Part 1 click here.

I (Cameron C.) wanted to thank my supporters/sponsors Valerie Morrison @ Patton Eugene Photography, and Talon Muay Thai/Fight Gear.

Article By: Cameron Chrisp