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The Czech Republic Joins IMMAF

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(London. March 17th 2015)– The Czech Association of Mixed Martial Arts or Česká asociace smíšených bojových umění (MMAA) is the latest organisation to join the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) as it continues its global expansion.

The Czech Association of Mixed Martial Arts (MMAA) was founded in September 2012 by Martin Skvara, president of the association and Andre Reinders, vice-president. It was established as a non-profit organisation for the primary purpose of supporting both the professional and amateur development of MMA in the Czech Republic. The federation is recognized by the SBTS ČR, the Union of Martial Sports of the Czech Republic, which is supported by the national Ministry of Sport and the Local Olympic Committee.

Since launch, the MMAA has worked to unify and enforce the regulation of MMA in the Czech Republic through activities such as the training of referees and coaches, the development of safe progression pathways for participants and the collation of results and statistics.  Other activities have included the organising of professional and amateur competitions, consultancy in the field of club management, provision of coaching courses and teaching documents, the training and licensing of stakeholders and marketing support.

President Martin Skvara stated:

“The organising of youth at all levels of practical and mental training is conducted in the spirit of the Olympic ideal, with a focus on the principles of humanism, honest sporting competition and respect for the opponent.”

IMMAF CEO, Densign White, said:

“The Czech Association of Mixed Martial Arts has been carrying out fantastic work within the Czech Republic and we are proud to be associated with their organisation. We look forward to seeing the Czech Republic represented at this year’s World Championships in Las Vegas.”


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