The Face and true example of Inspiration and Dedication: Nick Turnbo

ILLINOIS (Tue, March 28, 2017)– When most people think of high level athletes they think of the likes of LeBron, Tom Brady, and Kris Bryant. For me however I’m a bit different. A few weeks ago i had the pleasure of seeing one of the best athletes I’ve ever seen in person and this young man happens to have Cerebal Palsy. Did that make a difference to him or hinder him for trying to live his dream? Hell no!! The strong willed “Tornado” set the bar very high at Gateway Fight Series: Destiny. That’s the true definition of inspiration.

Dustin: What got you into mixed martial art?

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Nick: I got into it because I was looking for a place to teach me some self defense and I joined extreme Krav Maga with Sam Richardson. And then last year I met Mike Rogers and I tell him my dream was to one day fight in the cage and he said we can make that hope so I train hard to earn my fight in the cage against UFC veteran Josh Sampo.

Dustin: Was there any hesitation from your parents when you told them your plans?

Nick: No.

Dustin: Whats it been like since having that conversation with coach Rogers a little over a year ago and day in and day been in a room full of amazing athletes at St. Charles MMA?

Nick: It’s been amazing all of the fighters that train of St. Charles MMA are beasts they push me every time I train at the Gym and I think it is pretty awesome I get to train with UFC veteran Josh Sampo and Bellator mma veteran Ej Brooks and since I can’t stand up on my own I do Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at the best gym in Missouri and I am getting faster and everytime I train
You touched on it earlier but recently you took on your teammate The Gremlin Josh Sampo at Gateway Fighting Series take us through that experience.

I knew Sampo was not going to be and easy opponent and coming in to the fight I worked specifically on takedown defense and I walked in to the cage wanting to destroy him with my ground skills and I landed lots of strikes and I try hard for a armbar but he got out of it and I finished The UFC veteran the Gremlin off with a Gulltoine choke in the 1 round and after I Beat Sampo that same night I got my second strip on my white belt.

And the crowd was Electric cheering my name Nick!

Dustin: What was it like for you to hear how loud the crowd got as you neared your finish.

Nick: It felt awesome!!!

Dustin: I notice that you have some new hardware. Tell the FightBookMMA fans exactly what that is.

Nick: After the fight in the cage I was awarded a Gateway Fighting Series trophy by Brain Higginbotham and earned my second strip on my white belt from Mike Rogers of St.Charles MMA. Over the weekend a Gateway Fighting Series Champion Belt was delivered to St. Charles MMA from Jared Daniels-Block. I was surprised, none of this was expected.

Dustin: What can fans expect from “The Tornado” next?

Nick: I will continue my BJJ training, enter some tournaments and cheer my fighting buddies on. You all will see me at the fights as a fan and after more training as a figter.

Dustin: Last one. Being such an inspiration if you had one message to the mixed martial arts community what would it be?

Nick: I never imagined MMA could be such an influence on my life. You see I have cerebral palsy which may make you think I have limitations, but training with Sam Richardson (weight training & hitting mitts) and with Mike Rogers (Technical BJJ) has given me the confidence and encouragement I need to see that I really have no limitations. Like my Dad, Mom and Brothers, the MMA is family, what a great bunch of people!

I became interested in fighting when my good friend Johnny Cox invited me to watch him compete in a MMA match. I sat cage side and almost felt I was a part of the fight, they were so close I swear I felt sweat from the fighters hit my face. I was hooked, I could not get enough, and I began watching televised fights and attending many of the local shows.

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