The Franchise Goes 1 on 1 With the Phenom

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CALIFORNIA (Fri, March 17, 2017)– Douglas Lima is the Kingpin of BellatorMMA’s 170 pound division, and one of the most dangerous men to ever step into a cage. A two 2x champion that showed when your faced with adversity you never give up. When Lima lost his first title he had a bad Knee injury and as noticeably limping, but The Phenom was determined to defend his crown. His opponent Andrey Koreshkov didn’t hold anything back and did everything he could to finish Lima, and without being able to work up any kind of offense Lima fought through all 5 rounds and took the defeat like a man. After recovering from his career threatening knee injury Lima was on a mission to get back his crown, and he started by running through top welterweight Paul Daley. After earning the unanimous decision in London Lima received his rematch against Koreshkov but this time he would be 100% healthy and ready for a war. Live from Tel Aviv Israel the rematch went down, and when Lima found himself in trouble a clean shot connected with Koreshkov and that was all she wrote. The Phenom reclaimed his throne once again. From Wild Bills Fight Night all the way to the top of the mountain Bellator MMA Lima has fought for everything he has. While balancing the fighter life with being a father, and a husband outside the cage he spends all his extra time with his family. On social media, you won’t miss a single thing the Lima family does for fun. A hell of a fighter and even a better man the Phenom goes 1 on 1 with the “Franchise.”

Rick: Hey Douglas first of all I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do this interview. It’s a true honor I’m a huge fan of your work and can’t wait to show my readers who you really are.

RSB: How are things going? Are you staying healthy and ready to roll towards your next defense?

DL: Things are going great! I’m recovering from a minor surgery and expecting to fight in June or July.

RSB: Who would you like to defend your title against?

DL: I’m hoping it’s against Rory, but let’s see what happens in these next months.

RSB: What was your strategy for Koreshkov?

DL: Catch him with strikes early in the fight, and of course use the leg kicks as much as possible without giving away the takedown.

RSB: Did you feel redemption winning back your title? Knowing when you lost your title you were not 100%.

DL: Yes definitely. I said many times in interviews before it would be a different story this time and that I would finish him. He is excellent and a very strong fighter and I have a ton of respect for him. But I knew I could beat him.

RSB: How do you see yourself up against other welterweights? Like the UFC or WSOF?

DL: I think I match up well with any welterweight in the planet. I’ve been doing this for a long time and if I’m healthy I can beat anybody.

RSB: Do you see yourself fighting for Bellator for the rest of your career or once your contract is up test free agency.

DL: I really don’t even think about that. One thing I can tell you is that I’m happy with Bellator. They treat me well and I’m very thankful for them. I don’t see why change especially that all these great names are come over now. I just want to fight the best.

RSB: Do you see yourself ever-moving up to 185 or down to 155.

DL: 155 never! 185 definitely I’m not sure when but I will soon enough.

RSB: What are your thoughts on Rory signing with Bellator? The impact he will make? Even on him as an opponent?

DL: I think it’s great for Bellator. He is such an accomplished fighter and still very young. Lots of great fights for him here and I can’t wait to compete against him.

RSB: Who influences you as a fighter?

DL: God above all! My family and my team are my motivation I fight for them.

RSB: How is it being a dad and a fighter?

DL: I love it. Being a dad is the best thing I did for my life, and just coming back after a fight to my kids and wife there is just no better feeling. I thank God, every day for them, and to fight and be able to provide them everything.

RSB: What are your thoughts on sponsorships for fighters?

DL: It’s a big help for sure. Thankfully I’ve had and have some sponsors that’s always been with me. You need them especially if your injured and can’t fight. So, it’s a huge thing for us in the sport.

RSB: Do you believe in the fighter’s union?

DL: I honestly don’t even know what that’s about. But if it’s for the good of the fighters I’m on board.

RSB: What are your thoughts on trash talking?

DL: I guess it has some good. You know look at McGregor and the type of money he is making now and most of it is because of the trash talk. I’m just not a guy for that. I can’t do it, I like to do it by KO’ing somebody or something. But respect is something I really carry with me all the time. I would never say something to somebody I don’t mean just to sell a fight. But I love when they do It for me.

RSB: What’s next for Douglas Lima after MMA?

DL: I haven’t really thought of that yet, but of course family comes first. So, I just need to fight as much as possible now so I will always be able to provide for them.

There you have it, The Phenom has spoken and he also left me with a little teaser. ”I don’t know who’s next maybe MVP! I just want to stay busy and whoever comes I’ll be ready”. Could MVP be next or could it be could it be the winner of Koreshkov and Gonzalez. Or maybe it’s the winner of Rory and Semtex. Also, the rising star Chidi Njokuani is in the mix as well. The doors will remain open until a true challenger is crowned. What I did learn is that Douglas Lima is not only a great champion but an amazing human being who puts his family before everything. Bellator has a real star on their hands and I’m sure me and all the MMA world can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rick San Bartolome
“The Franchise”

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