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The full card for Titan FC 34

The event will take place on JUly 18th in Kansas City, MO and will stream live on UFC Fight Pass.

MAIN EVENT: Mike Ricci vs. Pat Healy (C)- 155lbs. Title

Kurt Holobaugh (C) vs. Andre Harrison- 145lbs. Title

Brett Johns (C) vs. Anthony Gutierrez- 135lbs. Title

Tim Elliot vs. Illiard Santos- 125lbs. Title (Vacant)

Jose Landi-Jons vs. Tyler Stinson- 170lbs.

Freddy Assuncao vs. Cody Bollinger- 145lbs.

Jason Witt vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg- 160lbs.

Phillip Hawes vs. Lucas Rota- 185lbs.

Desmond Green vs. Vincent Eazelle- 145lbs.

Sirwan Kakai vs. William Joplin- 135lbs.

Dakota Cochrane vs. Mike Bruno- 165lbs.

Cody Peterson vs. TBA- 135lbs.


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