The top 5 MMA fighters of all time revealed

(Wed, May 17, 2017)– The top 5 MMA fighters of all time is a fact up for debate. However, when one takes records, streaks, and title wins into account, it becomes to decide.

5 Top MMA Fighters of All Time

Although largely a matter of opinion, the top 5 MMA fighters of all time can also be ranked according to the titles they’ve won and what they have contributed to this sport as a whole.

Number 5: Bas Rutten “El Guapo”

With 28 wins and only 4 defeats, El Guapo also had a fearsome streak of 21 wins, and was a title holder of both the UFC and the Pancrase Championship. He is one of the most formidable and targeted strikers in the history of the MMA. His patented shots to the liver and incredible kicks were supplemented by the extraordinary power of his hands.

His open-handed technique of striking quite literally changed the MMA over the course of 1 fight, and this demonstrated an almost unequalled ability to plan games and innovate.

Number 4: Matt Hughes with 45 – 8

Matt Hughes totally dominated the MMA from 1998 to 2000, going 22 – 2. This all-time warrior laid a template for fighters that followed, and he holds 2 UFC Welterweight titles, and has also been inducted into the UFC and NJCAA Halls of Fame.

Number 3: Georges “Rush” St. Pierre

Georges St. Pierre, with 21 fights to 2 losses, is currently on a winning streak of 8 for 0, and has avenged both the fights he lost. He grabbed the Welterweight title, and then dropped it almost immediately, but St. Pierre went on to reclaim the belt, and has since taught challengers a hard lesson, all while making it look relatively easy, and taking very minimal damage.

Thanks to the incredible array of mobile devices connected to the internet, numerous bookmakers have made mobile betting options available for punters around the world, allowing them to access all the UFC markets from wherever they are. A bet on St. Pierre, however, may yield lower payouts thanks to how extraordinarily well this fighter does in the fights he takes part in.

Number 2: Anderson “The Spider” Silva

Anderson Silva, also known as The Spider, has been enjoying a winning streak of 14 for 0 since back in 2006. He hails from Brazil, and has taken the Middleweight UFC Championship title. This mixed martial artist is proud to hold the longest title streak in the history of the UFC, which came to an end in 2013 after 2 457 days, 16 consecutive wins, and 10 title defences.

Number 1: Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko

The Last Emperor, Fedor Emelianenko, with a record of 31 wins for 3 losses, is hailed by many as the greatest fighter the MMA has ever seen. He is famous for establishing total domination of the Heavyweight category, with his record of 31 wins for 1 loss lasting a total of 10 years. While he did drop his last 2 fights, Anderson Silva would need to establish 17 wins for 1 loss over the next 5 years in order to match Emelianenko, and St. Pierre would need a record of 23 for 1.

Article By: Roland Fuller

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