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Thiago Silva is free. Silva was arrested on Feb. 6th of this year on charges of aggravated assault and battery, sending threatening texts and resisting arrest without violence, following an incident outside of his ex-wife’s partner’s MMA School. Silva 31, threatened to “shoot up” the academy owned by Pablo Popovitch, who was in a relationship with Silva’s ex-wife, Thaysa Kimiji.

A Florida judge dropped charges against the MMA fighter due to Kimiji’s refusal to cooperate, and it is expected she has left the United States. Kimiji alleged that Silva held a revolver in her mouth.

NO word yet on whether he will be allowed back in the UFC, Dana White released Silva after his arrest stating “[Silva] will never fight in the UFC again”.

Silva has fought his way to a 7-3 UFC record with 2 no contests.

He was rumored to be fighting on a smaller promotion this past August, but that fight never came to fruition.


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