Tiffany Masters: “It’s a privilege to fight for Invicta”

KANSAS CITY (Mon, July 3, 2017)– Before Tiffany Masters makes her Invicta FC debut at Invicta 24 on July 15 in Kansas City, LIVE on UFC Fight Pass, the undefeated strawweight contender checked in with FightBookMMA.

How were you introduced to MMA in the first place?

Actually, the very first time I heard about it, I was in high school and one of the kids on the wrestling team did it. I was like, “Oh, cool. I have no idea what that is, but good for you.” That was the first time I’d heard of it. Then I saw a fight on TV and immediately wanted to do it myself, once I actually knew what it was.

When you began training, what were your goals with the sport?

Right away, I knew I wanted to make something of myself – I wanted to make it big. I wanted to make it to Invicta or the UFC. Now I’ve made it to Invicta, so that’s one.

What does fighting for Invicta mean to you?

It’s privilege for me, honestly. When I started training, my coach told me what Invicta was – an all-female promotion – that was very empowering. I’m just honored that I can fight in a women-only promotion and to be on that show.

Is it different from fighting in the UFC?

I think it’s different. I think being able to fight for Invicta is a milestone for women. I mean, UFC is the biggest you can get, but Invicta is pretty high up there. I think it’s unique and special because it is for women-only and it is such a milestone for women in MMA.

What should fans expect in your debut?

Excitement. I like to be an exciting fighter and I like to get finishes, so it’ll be a fast-paced and exciting fight. So, don’t blink.