Tony Lopez Out, Joey Beltran Now Faces Former Training Partner, Matt Van Buren at WBKFF 1: ‘Rise of the Titans’

Following the announcement of Lopez vs. Beltran, quickly contract disputes were brought to the table, and ultimately, Lopez will not fight for WBKFF at this time. Moving ahead, Beltran will now welcome former TUF finalist, Matt Van Buren to professional bare knuckle combat this November 9th.

Fighting out of Norfolk, VA, ‘Gutter’ Van Buren will now step in on short notice, just one month out from WBKFF 1 in Casper, Wyoming to take on his former teammate, Beltran.

Once training partners at Alliance MMA, the two will now come face to face in a bare knuckle boxing match up, and both Beltran and Van Buren couldn’t be more excited.

Joey Beltran: I’m super pumped up to be able to compete on the first ever world bareknuckle fighting federation pay-per-view card. I know my opponent very well. He is a UFC veteran, he is an ultimate fighter finalist, and on top of that, he was my teammate for years at ALLIANCE MMA. So we have already scrapped many times, so it feels good to finally at least get paid for it. This fight is going to be a treat for the fans, and I predict we win fight of the night!”

For weeks, Van Buren has been rallying for a fight on November 9th. Now his opportunity will come in the form of a former training partner, and he assures everyone it’s strictly business for him in Casper, Wyoming.

Matt Van Buren: “Joey is a tough sob (son of a bitch). Everyone who has seen him fight knows that. I know it better than anyone because from 2012 to 2015 we were training partners together in California. I’m not overly crazy about fighting him from a personal stand point. He is my friend, and was like a big brother to me in my MMA career. This fight just makes the most sense as far as opponents offered and the money. He reached out to me and told me he needed a fight because the Tony deal fell through. We both needed a fight to happen before the holidays. This is strictly business for the both of us. As long as one of us doesn’t get sat down early, we are going to make a very strong case for fight of the night. I wanted a bigger fight and I know that this one is going to be a treat for the fans. You’re going to see a couple of 3rd and K OG’s slug it out Nov. 9th. At least we finally get paid to beat each other up.”

Officially one month out from World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation’s debut event, the fight card is to be finalized in the coming days.

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(photos via: Zuffa, LLC)