Top 5 Best MMA Workout Exercises

The mixed martial arts discipline, commonly known as MMA, has to be one of the most soliciting contact sports out there, demanding a perfect equilibrium between a well-trained body and a clear mind. Ever since the UFC format started to be broadcasted live on television, the popularity of the sport began to increase substantially, year after year. More and more fans, followers, and fighters from all around the globe pick up MMA on a yearly basis, and all of them strive to find the key to success in terms of strength training programs. In this direction, there are some popular workout exercises, as well as other less known programs. These can be separated into two categories, exercises that are familiar to everyone and are also practiced in many other disciplines and special dedicated programs, mostly practiced by the professional MMA fighters.

The five exercises below seem to be the most important for the proposed purpose: the functional strength for martial arts. The program presented at the end is less well known in fitness halls. For athletes, and for many other people from all over the world, especially those interested in MMA betting odds, it eventually worked very well, showing great results. What is actually important about the article at hand is making everybody understand how they can do the exercises in the comfort of their own home, without the risk of injuries. These are the most important workout exercises that can actually strengthen the body up to a condition fitting for MMA practice.

1. Squatting

Numerous strength and conditioning specialists say that if they were to choose a single strength exercise, that would be squatting. There are a lot of reasons for which this exercise is one of the most recommended for MMA, the most important one being its contribution to the strength of the legs, particularly the thighs. A similar but safer exercise is the one leg squatting.

2. Deadlifting

Many reputed fighters that practice this discipline agree that this is the exercise that makes you feel really strong. Unless you do not get the muscular fever, it has a very high applicability, especially in the moves of all styles with the grappling component. It is just like a squat, a complex exercise, and you need to keep in mind the form because it can be dangerous to the lumbar area. There are few alternatives that are very safe, but all in all, their results are rather different.

3. Stand Shoulder Pressing

It is the best exercise for the shoulder strength. This exercise will keep pushing the muscles of the shoulders, triceps, chest, and upper back but will also develop your core force. Along with the chest punch described below, it is an essential exercise in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

4. Bench Pressing

MMA Overload

The King of Exercises among men who want to look good is also great in martial arts. The push movements are especially useful in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). The multiple benefits of the exercise can be noticed after an extremely short period of practice. Of all the 4 exercises presented, this presents the lowest risk of injury. A much simplified version is flotation.

5. The 5/3/1 Program

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If you ask any MMA fighter out there or follow the latest MMA betting tips, the 5/3/1 created by the famous Jim Wendler is the best strength development program. There are obviously personalized variants that take into account different personal parameters, but here we are talking about a general version. Its main advantages are that it can be done quickly and that you can easily monitor progress and, obviously, develop strength.

The program can include the 4 exercises listed above as main exercises plus 4 additional exercises: traction (recommended to those with a close fit for BJJ and MMA), flotation on parallels, fenders, and extensions. There are 3-4 weekly exercises based on the 4 basic exercises, one for each training session. You will use a certain percentage of the maximum repeat (1RM) to cycle through 5 repetitions, 3 and 1. Afterwards, you have to supplement them with complementary exercises.

MMA and BJJ alike can be extremely demanding and will require above everything, a clear head and complete dedication. The shape a fighter must maintain at all costs is also a number one priority and, in this direction, a correct practice of the five exercises depicted above can truly help reach a better form in a much shorter period of time.


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