2020 was all about online grocery shopping, new requests for local food systems, and significant changes to the supply chains. Although many hoped for a better year, the pandemic is still in full swing, forcing people to stay focused on the food they eat and the products they use.

Based on reports from the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy is a 4.5 trillion dollar industry. It grew by 6.4% every year from 2015 to 2017, paving the way for some of the latest wellness trends. Such as wellness tourism, well fashion, and sleep health.

However, the pandemic shook the industry to its very core in just one year, which changed it dramatically. Luckily, these changes became a bright spot for its economy. Even though there are many wellness trends we want to surpass from 2020 (like anti-masking, fad diets, and extreme fasting), a bunch of others managed to pop up that people are happy to keep. Here are some of the most influential wellness trends of 2021.

1.      Preventive Wellness

When it comes to treating diseases, Western medicine has a more solution-oriented approach. That means people start treating the problem after it appears. However, more and more individuals are demanding preventive strategies to keep their bodies in an optimal state. The COVID-19 pandemic made that sudden shift.

Preventive wellness focuses on healthy:

  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Stress reduction
  • Sleep

But, instead of going for the first immune-booster they can find, consumers are looking for science-backed products they can trust. According to experts, many quality preventive wellness products can survive the pandemic.

2.      Healthier Frozen Food Choices

Health-conscious individuals are raiding the frozen food section. But, instead of the typical entrees, snacks, and frozen pizzas, people are opting for frozen veggies, fruits, and side dishes. The interest in healthy eating was noticed in people’s food diaries. U.S. News reported that the use of pineapple went up by 275% and frozen spinach by 76%.

Now, this is a very positive trend, especially for those who want to overcome obesity. It’s crucial to adopt healthy eating for anyone who has an overweight problem. That includes consuming healthier foods. If you need to do an obesity essay for school, then writing about the health benefits of frozen foods can come in handy. Options like frozen fruits and vegetables are nutritionally on-par with their fresh counterparts. So, that makes them worthwhile products.

3.      Home Fitness

At-home fitness is all the rage right now. Since gyms were shut down most of 2020, fitness enthusiasts decided to focus on their training at home. According to the latest statistics, back in 2018, there were 62.7 million fitness app users across the U.S. But, in 2020, the number went up to 87.4 million. In 2021, this trend is expected to remain in the spotlight.

4.      Radical Self-Care

This is another popular wellness trend created out of necessity. Because of the trauma from last year, mental health in 2021 is being threatened. Recent studies show exceedingly high rates of mental unrest in the general population during the pandemic.

There are recorded rates of symptoms of:

  • depression (4.6% to 48.3%),
  • anxiety (6.33% to 50.9%),
  • stress (8.1% to 81.9%),
  • psychological distress (34.43% to 38%)

As a result, psychologists and mental health experts believe radical self-care will remain a popular trend in 2021. But, this kind of self-care is more than just putting on pretty clothes, makeup, and taking bubble baths. It goes deeper than that. In fact, more people are visiting the therapist, taking an interest in spiritual or traditional religious practices—all in an effort to ease the mental unrest.

5.      Sleeping In

Many people are optimizing and prioritizing their sleep. They are sleeping more during the pandemic. Experts suggest that those who work from home and can get the work done during the day have plenty of time to rest. While students tend to stay up late and sleep during the day.

Although this could affect their quality of sleep, the younger generation wants to make the most of their free time and sleep as much as possible. But, to really reap the benefits of a good night’s rest, it’s important to sleep at the right time. Preferably during the night. That way, the body can get the rest it deserves.

Boosting the quality of sleep enhances the adaptive immune response, making the body less susceptible to invading antigens, published by the National Institutes of Health. People should also use the natural light to their advantage and get some exercise.

6.      Simpler Skin Care

Everyone wants flawless-looking skin. We all want to nourish and soften our skin. When we want to look even better and amplify all our gorgeous features, we turn to makeup. But, there is one problem. Since many have to wear masks, countless people are saying goodbye to their complex skincare routines. This year is all about shifting the budget towards simpler products.

Daily skin cleanses, and moisturizing is still popular. But, applying makeup has now become simpler. Instead of bold colored lips and heavy contouring and foundation, a lot of people are going for the natural look. It is low-maintenance and still emphasizes the natural features of the human skin.


Everyone is trying to fend off the virus as much as they can. They seek the most practical and efficient methods they can find that will boost their chances for success, even for a little bit. Countless families are opting for preventive wellness. They are trying to keep their body in perfect shape.

As you can see, each year has something unique to offer. That’s why trends always come and go. But, because of the current pandemic, it makes it difficult to drift off from the trends of 2020 and turn over a new leaf. Nevertheless, people are always trying to make the most of it. They exercise at home, eat healthily, and take good care of their bodies.

If you are looking to boost your overall health, then these 2021 trends make for a solid pick. For example, you should start making healthier food choices and improve your sleeping routine. Now that you know what everyone else is doing, you can turn this knowledge to your advantage.

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