Top Tips to Help You Win Your MMA Bets

(Thu, March 9, 2017)– Arming yourself with knowledge is really the only way to successfully bet on MMA fights. Find out about tips, bet types, and how to get the best odds now!

Top MMA Betting Tips

Placing bets on MMA fights is a very enjoyable pastime, but it always becomes more so when these wagers turn out to be winning ones! Implementing just a few general tips for MMA wagering can better your strategy and see you profit increase when the next big event rolls around!

The Different Types of MMA Betting Options Available

There are a number of different bet options for you to choose from, and these include:

  • The Moneyline/Match Bet

A moneyline bet has you selecting one fighter as most likely to win by whatever means are necessary. How the fighter takes first place doesn’t matter, only that he or she does.

  • Parlay/Accumulator/Multiplier Bet

Depending on where you live, a parlay, accumulator or multiplier bet is one that is made up of several different sections.

  • Open Parlay Bet

An open parlay bet is when, although you have decided to lay a wager, you are utilising the option to leave certain spots open. You will not have to choose these right away, but the spots that you leave open will have to be filled before the wager is deemed complete.

  • The Over/Under Bet

One of the easiest methods for MMA betting is the over/under wager. For these, a bookmaker will post a total for the round, and you will be asked to lay a wager on whether or not the fight will last longer or shorter than the total that has been posted.

  • The Round Bet

A number of NZ betting sites and sportsbooks offering services to the rest of the world have MMA betting options that will allow you to bet on what round you feel most likely the fight will finish in. These bets offer excellent odds, thanks to the higher risk involved.

Tips to Help You Place Solid Wagers

Although betting is by definition a risky business, there are some tips that you could put to use to better your chances of a winning wager:

  • Bet Sober

You may be surprised to find out just how many bettors place their wagers after a drink or two –nearly always with disastrous results.

  • Bet on the Underdog

Joe and Jane Public love betting on the favourites for fights, because these are usually the most likely to see them winning. The amount of money won by these types of bettors is not as important as the fact that the bet wins.

Underdogs very rarely are able to get the respect they deserve, and the bandwagon effect of betting on the favourites has online bookmakers swaying the lines. This makes these bets able to provide far more significant odds.

Finding Good Odds and the Best Bets

The odds offered by an online bookmaker are what will prescribe the amount you will be paid out when you win. For this reason, if you are interested in MMA betting, it is vital that you find a sports book that provides you with competitive odds.

Sports books will make their odds tight, and finding one that offers you a better deal can be difficult thanks to the sheer choice you are faced with. In spite of this, it is vital that you shop around, or make use of a comparison site in order to ascertain where the best odds and bets can be found. Doing this ensures you will be able to make a profit when you win!

By: Roland Fuller

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