(London. 6 June 2016) The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation is pleased to welcome the Trinidad and Tobago Mixed Martial Arts Federation (TNT-MMAF) as its first Caribbean member, under the local auspices of the Trinidad and Tobago Combat Sport Association.

The Trinidad and Tobago Combat Sport Association (TTCSA) was created in 2011 as an umbrella organisation for the development of all combat sports in Trinidad and Tobago and is registered with its national Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. The organisation’s formation was driven by the fact that local athletes typically cross train and compete across a variety of combat sports that include Sambo, Olympic Wrestling, Grappling and MMA. Each of these disciplines is governed by its own national federation which falls directly under the TTCSA, as well as their sports’ respective world governing bodies.

To date the TTCSA has successfully worked to register both the Trinidad and Tobago Sambo and Combat Sambo Federation and the Trinidad and Tobago Wrestling Federation with its Ministry of Sport and Youth affairs and Ministry of Legal Affairs, as well as with the International Sambo Federation and United World Wrestling respectively. The group is now in the process of gaining the recognition for both sports with the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee.

The TTCSA has entered athletes into four world championships, four Pan American championships, one Commonwealth championships and also two President’s Cup events, as well as hosting Pan American championship events on home soil. The TNT-MMAF will be sending a team to represent Trinidad and Tobago at an IMMAF event for the very first time this summer at the 2016 IMMAF World Championships at UFC International Fight Week in Las Vegas.

Trinidad and Tobago Mixed Martial Arts Federation President, Jason Fraser, issued the following statement:

“The Trinidad and Tobago Mixed Martial Arts Federation feels honoured to be recognised as a part of the IMMAF family, which is the leading organization in the world and best vehicle for our athletes to use in representing Trinidad and Tobago internationally.

The affiliation will be very inspirational to the Trinidad and Tobago Mixed Martial Arts Federation and our athletes, as we have already identified that the IMMAF is changing the perception of and breaking barriers to MMA as a sport.

We are looking forward to Trinidad and Tobago becoming a hub that will bring together all the countries of the Caribbean as we work towards developing and unifying the sport for the benefit of its athletes and, one day, gaining Olympic recognition.

As president, I can assure you that as we become the newest member of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation family, I am committed to astute leadership that will support my team in delivering ongoing value to the IMMAF, as both organisations grow from strength to strength. Let me state categorically that Trinidad and Tobago is prepared to take up the mantle to partner with the IMMAF in developing the sport in this part of the Caribbean and the world by extension.

We believe that the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation vision for the development of the sport is extraordinary and we are happy to be a part of the IMMAF family. In having the privilege to meet with executive members at the IMMAF European Open Championships in November in Birmingham (UK), we realised that we all share the same passion for the sport.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Josip Mrkoci from Canada for encouraging me to consider being a part of the IMMAF family as we were about to sign acceptance into another global amateur governing body. I believe that this is the best decision we have taken to move the sport forward. Additionally, I must say thank you to the IMMAF executives and the Board of Directors for taking the time to consider and then accept our application.”

IMMAF President, Kerrith Brown, said:

“On behalf of the Board of IMMAF I welcome Trinidad and Tobago to the MMA family. On a recent and very inspiring visit I was overwhelmed and experienced first-hand the passion, energy and tremendous support that Trinidad and Tobago has for the sport of MMA. The network of support that has been accomplished to date is a great achievement and a credit to all the hard work already undertaken by Jason and his team. May I commend Darryl Smith the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs in his work to support the safeguarding and recognition of the sport of MMA within the country. Many thanks also to Josip Mrkoci for his encouragement and continued support of MMA. We embrace our new arrival and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.”


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