UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor Recap & Results

NEW YORK (Saturday, November,12, 2016)– LIVE from the most famous Arena in all of Sports the UFC entered Madison Square Garden with more than a stacked card but also with a feel of accomplishment. For the first time MMA will be go down in the city of New York and what better way to kick things off in the Big Apple with a huge card headlined with 3 title fights. In the main event the featherweight champion Connor McGregor got his crack at the lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez. Connor is getting his first chance at the lightweight title and with the Notorious One on a mission to become two weight division champ there is no doubt that one of the most decorated finishers of all time will do whatever it takes to complete his mission. Alvarez who won the title back in July is making his first title defense and The Underground King is looking to cement his legacy with a win over the UFC biggest star. If McGregor is able to gain both titles, then a decision will have to be made about what title he will relinquish. In the co main event Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is making his first title defense against the #1 contender Stephen Thompson, Woodley gained the title that he was chasing for 10 years with the quickest KO in a welterweight championship fight history. With people still throwing doubt at The Chosen One a title defense in the Mecca was a must. The Challenger worked his way all the way from the bottom of the rankings to the top with big finishes over former champions and title contenders, Wonder Boy Thompson looks to put the cap on his stellar run by coming champion. In the 3rd title fight of the night the queen of the strawweight division Joanna Jedrzejczyk defends her title against Karolina Kowalkiewicz, there are more similarities between the two then meets the eye. Both ladies are undefeated and from Poland but with so much pride on the line the tension has risen to a new level. Joanna is maybe the most dominating champion in all the UFC but for the first time she may have found the perfect opponent. Also on the card is a huge middleweight fight between the recently suspended Yoel Romero and former champion Chris Weidman, both fighters are a win away from a title shot and with the division looking for its next tile challenger a convincing finish is a must. Former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar takes on KO artist Jeremy Stephens, both men need this win to stay relevant in the featherweight division. If Connor wins and relinquishes the featherweight title the division will need a new top contender. Former women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate is looking for a bounce back as she takes on the streaking Raquel Pennington. Ronda Rousey is set to make her return and with so many top contenders at the top of the division as win for these ladies is a need if they want to stay relevant. A huge lightweight fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Michael Johnson, finally healthy Nurmagomedov is a win away from a title shot and with Johnson streaking up the contenders list both men will be looking for the finish. With Rashad Evans and Tim Kennedy being canceled due to a late injury for Evans, and Donald Cerrone and Kelvin Gastelum being canceled due to Kelvin missing weight the MMA fans in Ney York were not gonna let a little spilt milk ruin history. All of that and so much more and it all kicks off on the UFC Fight Pass. Live from the Mecca a legendary night that no one will ever forget so there’s only one things left to do.


We kick things off in the women’s bantamweight division as former title challenger #9 Liz Carmouche (9-5) took on the undefeated #14 Katlyn Chookagian (8-0), The ladies kick it off in a big way with a fight that goes the distance. Carmouche set the tone early with a dominant performance, but a late run for Chookagian kept the fight interesting but at the end of the fight Liz was the one who got her hand raised. Winner: Liz Carmouche (10-5) by Split Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28). – Looser: Katlyn Chookagian (8-1). Next we head to the lightweight division were the fight was a catch weight bout due to Alves missing weight but Jim Miller (27-8) took on Thiago Alves (26-10), A tough week continued for Alves as the tough weight cut showed early in the fight. Jim Miller came in and put on a clinic by exposing Alves with some big takedowns and amazing ground work. Miller earned a big win in NYC. Winner: Jim Miller (28-8) by Unanimous Decision (30-27,29-28,30-27). – Looser: Thiago Alves (26-11). The prelims head to FS1 and we go to the welterweight division as the red-hot Blackzilian stand out Vincente Luque (10-5-1) took on Belal Muhammed (10-1), The red-hot Luque keeps it rolling as some beautiful striking sets up a big right hand that knocked down Muhammed some ground and pound and that’s all she wrote. Winner: Vincente Luque (11-5-1) by KO Round 1. – Looser: Belal Muhammed (10-2). The middleweight division is up next as #14 Rafael Natal (21-7-1) took on Tim Boetsch (19-10), The finishes just keep coming as big Tim Boetsch came in fully prepared and wasted no time getting to work on Natal. An early right hand by Boetsch had Natal rocked early and he never had the chance to recover. The knockout blow came and that was all she wrote. Winner: Tim Boetsch (20-10) by TKO Round 1. – Looser: Rafael Natal (21-8-1). Next we head to lightweight division were a HUGE fight was about to go down as the undefeated #2 Khabib Nurmagomedov (23-0) took on the Blackzilian star #6 Michael Johnson (18-10), After an early start for Johnson, Nurmagomedov showed why he should be next for a title shot as he dominated Johnson from the middle of round 1 all the way to the finish. Johnson never really stood a chance. Khabib was dominant yet again. Winner: Khabib Nurmagomedov (24-0) by Submission (Kimura) Round 3. – Looser: Michael Johnson (18-11). In the featured prelim bout we head to the featherweight division were #2 Frankie Edgar (19-5-1) took on #7 Jeremy Stephens (25-12), What a fight to cap off the prelims, Frankie Edgar showed just why he has been so dominate over the years. Edgar dominated the 1st round with his speed and accuracy, but into the 2nd round Stephens rocked Edgar and had him shook for almost the whole round. At the end of round 2 Edgar recovered and got the take down he needed. After a couple of failed submission attempts and some mean ground and pound the round came to an end. Into the 3rd Edgar continued to be relentless and that was all he needed to finish off the fight. A beautiful performance from Frankie Edgar. Winner: Frankie Edgar (20-5-1) by Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,29-28). – Looser: Jeremy Stephens (25-13).

Alright now we head to the main card live on PPV where we get things kicked off in the women’s bantamweight division were former champion of the world #1 Miesha Tate (18-6) took on the relentless red-hot #8 Raquel Pennington (8-6), A beautiful performance by Raquel Pennington, as from the start of the fight she jumped on Tate and wore her down. A couple of late surges for Tate just wasn’t enough to slow down Rocky. A big win for Pennington knocking off the former champion. Winner: Raquel Pennington (9-6) by Unanimous Decision (29-28,30-27,30-27). – Looser: Miesha Tate (18-7). After the defeat Miesha Tate called It a career and announced her retirement. Next up the last fight before the title fights, and it went down in the middleweight division as hometown hero and former champion #2 Chris Weidman (13-1) took on #4 Yoel Romero (11-1), a great fight with an unbelievable finish. Weidman was winning the fight through two rounds and into the 3rd when Yoel knew he needed a finish and that’s exactly what he did. A flying knee KO Chris Weidman and that’s all she wrote. A lot of blood flowing for the former champion. Yoel Romero puts on a hell of a show. Winner: Yoel Romero (12-1) by TKO Round 3. – Looser: Chris Weidman (13-2).

StrawWeight Title Fight:

C. Joanna Jedrzejczyk (12-0) Vs #2 Karolina Kowalkiewicz (10-0)

The two best women’s strawweights in the world were set to fight for the world title. With both women being undefeated and from the great country of Poland there is more than just a world title on the line. The respect is out the door and the hatred has set in and only one can walk out champion and undefeated. Into the 1st round we go Joanna came out very loose and had no problem landing her strikes. Karolina did the best she could to try to change-up the flow but the length of the champion was just too much for her to handle. Into the 2nd and the champion keeps up the same pace by landing strikes and keeping Karolina off base. The 3rd begins with Karolina trying to push the pace but every time she comes in Joanna answers with big shots. Joanna continues to wear down Karolina with timing strikes and clench work and as we head into the championship rounds it’s a one-sided fight. Into the 4th round Karolina goes for broke and starts throwing combos after eating some strikes Karolina lands a big right hand that rocks Joanna. As Karolina rushed in the champion weathered the storm and got back into the fight. As the round came to an end Karolina lands a few shots that has the champions nose broken. Into 5th and final round Karolina knows she has to go for broke and Joanna knows she has to weather the storm and she’s still the champion. Into the 5th and the challenger is trying to do everything she can to get inside but Joanna continues to land the nasty leg kicks that she has rounded the fight. Karolina was able to land some shots in the round but it just wasn’t enough. Joanna took the biggest beating of her UFC career but as big of a beating it was the champion fought the perfect fight. Karolina left it all in the octagon but on this night it wasn’t enough. Poland took center stage on a historic night. These two warriors left it all in the octagon.

Winner: ANDSTILL UFC StrawWeight Champion Joanna Jedrzezcyzk (13-0) by Unanimous Decision (49-46,49-46,49-46)
Looser: Karolina Kowalkiewicz (10-1)

Co Main Event Welterweight Title Fight

C. Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley (16-3) Vs #2 Stephen “Wonder Boy” Thompson (13-1)

In the co main event champion Tyron Woodley was set to defend his title for the first time, his opponent Stephen Thompson worked his way from the bottom to earn this shot. It took 10 years for Woodley to get his title and with all the doubters piling up The Chosen One vowed to shut the haters down once again. Wonder Boy was set to show the world that hard work always pays off. The two best welterweights in the world collide for the gold. Into the 1st we go a lot of feeling out process to start thing out, Thompson throws a kick and Woodley was well prepared for it and the champion lands the takedown and we take it to the ground. Big ground and pound coming from Woodley and early in the fight the champion has control. Woodley lands some big shots that bust open Thompson as the round comes to a close. Into the 2nd and Thompson starts to get Woodley off base, and the cardio of the champion is starting to show. Not a lot of action through round 2 but it has shown that Thompson is comfortable and Woodley is getting tired. Into the 3rd Woodley comes out with a faster pace but Thompson weathers the storm and continues to close off the cage. Thompson lands a couple of solid strikes that visibly hurts Woodley. As Woodley shows signs that he’s hurt the champion opens up with a big leg kick that hurts Thompson. As the round comes to an end they start to exchange and it seems Woodley got the better of it. Into the championship rounds and Woodley opens up with the big leg kick that lands and that sets up the big right hand of Woodley that lands and rocks Thompson. Wonder Boy gets back up and Woodley lands again that knocks Thompson down again. With the ground and pound, blood is flowing but Thompson gets back up. Woodley sinks in the guillotine has it in deep and Thompson somehow finds his way out and in top position. Thompson throws bombs from top as the round comes to an end. For the 2nd time tonight a championship fight will go the 5th round. A huge round for Woodley but Thompson weather the storm and survived. The 5th and final round and the fight is very close. Woodley is visibly tired and Thompson is visibly hurt but here we go. Thompson continued to try to close the cage off to Woodley but the defense and movement of the champion was keeping him safe. Thompson may not be landing anything significant but he was landing enough to steal the round. The fight comes to a close they exchange and that’s all she wrote. A big 5th round with little action but Wonder boy did enough to steal it. An amazing fight that goes the distance, both fighters had their moments all the way through but it came down to the judges. A majority decision the final decision by the judges, but at the end of the day Tyron Woodley has shown the world once again why he is the undisputed welterweight champion of the world. Stephen Thompson did all that he could do to win but it looks like we will be seeing a rematch in the near future. Winner: #AndStill UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley (16-3-1) by Majority Draw (47-47,47-47,48-47) – Stephen Thompson (13-1-1)

Main Event Lightweight World Title

C. “The Underground King” Eddie Alvarez (28-4) Vs FTW C. “The Notorious” Connor McGregor (20-3)

The main event featured the lightweight champion of the world Eddie Alvarez taking on the featherweight champion of the world Connor McGregor. Connor looked to cement his legacy by becoming the first ever two weight world champion in UFC history but his opponent is one the grittiest hard-hitting fighters to ever step into the octagon. Eddie Alvarez has won world titles in every organizations you can think of and The Underground King looks to show the world why he always finds his way to gold. A legendary night in the Mecca closes out with a lightweight war. Into the 1st we go Eddie starts out with some leg kicks but the first combo that Connor throws he lands and floors Alvarez. Eddie right back up to his feet. Connor floors Eddie again and the champion is in trouble. Connor gains top position and starts with the ground and pound. Eddie back up and visibly shook, Connor taking control early in this fight. Eddie trying to land anything he can but the length of McGregor is keeping the champion on an island. Round 1 comes to an end and Eddie Alvarez survived three knockdowns. Connor has clearly taken control of this fight early. Into the 2nd and Connor hasn’t broken a sweat. Eddie eats another straight jab and Connor starts the taunting by putting his hands behind his back. Eddie starts to throw bombs and Connor clips him again. Alvarez goes for a takedown Connor stuffs it Connor unloads knocks Eddie down again and that’s all she wrote. A one-sided fight and Eddie never stood a chance. Connor McGregor not only made history but he did it in dominating fashion. Madison Square garden just witnessed a slaughter. Eddie tried but it wasn’t even close to enough.

Winner: #AndNew Lightweight Champion Connor McGregor (21-3) by TKO Round 2
Looser: Eddie Alvarez (28-5)

By: Rick San Bartolome
“The Franchise”