UFC Fight Night Las Vegas Dos Anjos vs. Alvarez Recap & Results


Thursday July 7, 2016 The biggest week in UFC history kicked off on a Thursday night from the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and a bang it was as the main event was for the undisputed lightweight champion of the world. Champion Rafael Dos Anjos defended his title against the #2 ranked lightweight Eddie Alvarez, the challenger has worked his way to the top of the rankings since coming to the UFC including wins over former champion Anthony Pettis and former title contender Gilbert Melendez. The champion is making his 2nd title defense sense winning the title back in 2015 and with almost a half of year off Dos Anjos was ready to roll. The co main event featured two of the biggest heavyweights in the division as #10 Roy Nelson took on #12 Derrick Lewis, both of these heavy hitters not only KO artist but are both looking to make a run at the title. The biggest week in UFC history kicks off exclusively on UFC Fight pass with the lightweight title on the line, but first a full slate of prelims to kick things off.


UFC international fight kicked off in the welterweight division as Blackzilian fighter Vincente Luque (8-5-1) took on Alvaro Herrera (9-3), a great fight to kick off the night and Vincente Luque dominated the fight with his ground game from start to finish, Luque slipped in the anaconda choke and that was all she wrote. Winner: Vincente Luque (9-5-1) by Anaconda Choke Round 2. – Looser: Alvaro Herrera (9-4). Down to the bantamweight division we go as Marco Beltran (7-4) took on Reginaldo Vieira (14-3), the bantamweights kept the high level action going as Vieira and Beltran were trading bombs, but late in the 2nd Beltran started to pull ahead and earned the win by rear naked choke. Winner Marco Beltran (8-4) by Rear Naked Choke Round2. – Looser: Reginaldo Vieira (14-4).

To the Lightweights we go as the 2nd Blackzilians fighter Gilbert Burns (10-1) took on Lukasz Sajewski (13-1), a good fight that started off back and forth but Burns started to pull ahead with big shots that set up a nice takedown, Burns was able to slip in an arm bar and get the finish with 2 seconds left in the round. Winner: Gilbert Burns (11-1) by Arm Bar Round 1. – Looser: Lukasz Sajewski (13-2). Back to the bantamweight division as Felipe Arantes (17-7-1) took on Jerrod Sanders (15-2), wow the finishes just keep coming Felipe Arantes put on a hell of a show that was finished off with a verbal stoppage by way of arm bar, and with this win he may have earned his way into the top 15. Winner: Felipe Arantes (18-7-1) by Arm Bar Round 2. – Looser: Jerrod Sanders (15-3). As we stay in the bantamweight division Russell Doane (14-5) took on Pedro Munhoz (11-2). Both bantamweights came out swinging but Pedro Munhoz gets Doane to the floor and that’s all she wrote. Munhoz keeps the stoppage streak going. All Five fights have ended by submission thus far. Winner: Pedro Munhoz (12-2) by Guillotine Choke Round 1. – Looser: Russell Doane (14-6).

The last bantamweight fight of the night featured Anthony Birchak (12-3) taking on Dileno Lopes (19-2), the bantamweights continue to steal the show as Birchak and Lopes tore down the house. A lot of back and forth that had the fight right down the middle. Winner: Anthony Birchak (13-3) by Split Decision (27-30,29-28,29-28). – Looser: Dileno Lopes (19-3). Back to the lightweight division as John Makdessi (13-5) took on Mehdi Baghdad (11-3), a great stand up fight both Makdessi and Baghdad landed some big and heavy shots but after going all three rounds Makdessia was able to a bit more than the debuting Mehdi Baghdad. Winner: John Makdessi (14-5) by Split Decision (28-29,29-28,29-28). – Looser: Mehdi Baghdad (11-4). The featured prelim bout was in the welterweight division as Mike Pyle (27-11-1) took on the undefeated Alberto Mina (12-0), A beautiful display of dominance by the undefeated Alberto Mina, Pyle never got a chance to get comfortable and a flying knee by Mina sets up the finish. Winner: Alberto Mina (13-0) by KO Round 2. – Looser: Mike Pyle (27-12-1).

The main card is set with four fights including the main event for the lightweight title. The first fight on the main card is in the lightweight division as Joe Duffy (14-2) took on Mitch Clarke (11-3), as fast as it started just like that it was over Joe Duffy puts on a clinic which started by landing a big right hand that knocks down Clark, from there Duffy locks in the rear naked choke and that’s it. Winner: Joe Duffy (15-2) by Rear Naked Choke Round 1. – Looser: Mitch Clarke (11-4). Next up in the welterweight division Alan Jouban (13-4) took on the undefeated Belal Muhammad (9-0), What a war between these two welterweights, Jouban threw everything but the kitchen sink at Muhammad but Belal just kept coming. Muhammad had a big 3rd round but that just wasn’t enough as Jouban dominated through the 1st and 2nd round. Winner: Alan Jouban (14-4) by Unanimous Decision (28-27-29-8-29-27). – Looser: Belal Muhammad (9-1).

In the co main event two of the biggest baddest heavyweights in the world went head to head as “Big Country” #10 Roy Nelson (22-12) took on “The Black Beast” #12 Derrick Lewis (15-4), With all the hype of a war of hands the fans of the UFC didn’t get exactly what they thought they were going to get, Roy Nelson had a strategy to try to wear down Lewis and that’s what he did. Lewis did strike hard and often that at times had Nelson hurt but even though Nelson did have a lot of takedowns in the end it was the significant strikes for Lewis that sealed the deal. Winner: Derrick Lewis (16-4) by Split decision (29-28,29-29,29-28). – Looser: Roy Nelson (22-13).

Main Event Lightweight Title Fight
C. Rafael Dos Anjos (25-7) Vs #2 Eddie Alvarez (27-4)

The Main event featured two of the best lightweights in the world, as champion Rafael Dos Anjos defended his title against #2 ranked light weight in the world Eddie Alvarez. With a night full of finishes the main event was no exception the fight started out with the champion bringing constant pressure the had Alvarez back against the cage. After a failed takedown by RDA Alvarez was able to land a big right hand that rocked the champion. Alvarez turned on the heat but the heart of Dos Anjos kept himself in the fight but when the fighters got back to their feet Dos Anjos was still rocked and Alvarez kept coming and that’s all she wrote. A beautiful performance by Alvarez a well-earned victory. Rafael Dos Anjos was a hell of a champion but Eddie was just too much.

Winner: #AndNew Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez (28-4)
Looser: Rafael Dos Anjos (25-8)

By: Rick San Bartolome
“The Franchise”



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