UFC vet Seth Baczynski talks Unified 34: “Somebody is Getting Finished!”

Seth Baczynski is preparing to fight Teddy Ash for the vacant Unified MMA Middleweight Championship in the main event of Unified 34 at River Cree Resort & Casino in Canada on Sept. 28, LIVE on UnifiedMMA.ca. Before that, the 11-time UFC vet spoke with FightBookMMA.

What have you been doing since MMA fans last saw you?

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I’ve just been training and fought last weekend. I was preparing for that and now I’m preparing for Teddy Ash.

Did you plan to take that time off or did life get in the way?

I was originally planning on fighting for a couple of different organizations and for whatever reason, they decided to take it another direction. I’ve been trying really hard to make it up to 185 since I’ve been at 170 most of my career. It was really hard to get to that weight class and find a fight. I’m at a point in my career where I’m not in a big show but most coaches and fighters look at me and want to get paid a lot to fight me. I’ve got a lot of good guys on my resume but I don’t have an extremely good record, so I was a risky fight without a lot of rewards. I can only get better, so that when I have an opportunity to compete again I can compete at a high level.

How do you prepare to fight Teddy Ash?

He’s a difficult guy to prepare for, from what I’ve seen. He’s got a lot of experience. He’s tough. That being said, he’s got to come in shape. He’s not going to beat himself. Guys with skillsets like Teddy and they are in good shape, you have to match that. You have to be very disciplined with your schedule. I work a job and have training. I have five kids and a farm, so getting ready for a five-rounder with Teddy Ash takes a lot. I’ve learned how to be efficient with my time in my career. That’s probably the most important thing – being efficient. I’ve worked with some of my coaches and training partners for over a decade. I know what we need to do to get into shape and get my ducks in row. It’s my job to get that done and get in there and perform well.

What’s the most likely outcome for this fight?

I highly doubt that me and Teddy are going to go five rounds. He’s coming down from 205 and looks like a really heavy and strong dude. I don’t know him as a person and he seems like an awesome dude, but from an athletics and performance standpoint, someone’s going to get finished. We’re not going to go five rounds. I don’t know if it’s going to be knockout or submission, I just know it’s going to be a hell of a fight. He’s going to come in-shape. He’s a game opponent and so am I. These are the kind of fights that I always get excited about. I love fighting. I’m a true mixed martial artist. Even after I retire from the sport, I’m still going to train every day. After all of these years of training and sacrifice – missing birthdays and good friends’ weddings – it makes it all worthwhile for nights like these where you can go perform for a crazy crowd. Hopefully, when I leave the only people screaming will be the ones in my corner.

How will it feel to have that belt wrapped around your waist?

It’s going to feel good to get the win. Bringing home the belt is always cool – my kids get all stoked. That’ll be the best part – watching them put it on and scrap with each other in the living room.