Undefeated Champion Anthony Adams Accepts Contender Series offer For Tonights Event


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Colorado favorite SugaFoot gets last-minute call from UFC matchmaker, then bounces promptly, to Vegas for a 185 bout. Adams at 7-0 Pro MMA gets a great opportunity to fight in front of the man, Dana White, vs 6-0 Chbwiken Onyenegecha of Oklahoma. Adams undefeated in his Sparta Combat Pro Career won his last MMA bout via Unanimous decision at the Pepsi Center, in Denver, Colorado just 2 weeks ago, but not before doing a front flip onto Flavio Magon, then dropping his opponent later in the round with a brutal, tight ,spinning backfist dropping Magon (while against the cage) to end the 1st round, in that Main Event. Winning his last bout and title by unanimous decision, Adams also, has won 9 straight including his Ammy career.

Thomas Denny, is Adams coach at Ziganos Gym, in Brighton, Colorado. When I spoke with Coach Denny last night after he and Adams finished up their photoshoots/media requirement’s he informed us that he ha been Adams coach for 4 years now. Denny went on to add, he himself, has been the Head Coach at Zigano’s/Brighton for the last 2 years.


“In the weeks previous, Denny had called Mick Maynard, formerly of LFA, now matchmaker at the UFC. For those aware Joe Silva was the UFC matchmaker before, and during the transition into the new UFC ownership in 2016. Denny, went on to share, that he called Maynard weeks earlier, to sincerely inform Mick that if a injury came up last minute, that he (Denny) has guys healthy, and ready to fight on a minutes notice, if needed.”

Denny continued, that Maynard ended up calling him just about a week ago, needing a 185er for The Contender series tonight July 17. Denny/Adams accepted that offer on 5 days notice.

Adams, on vacation in Miami, Florida at the time of the Wednesday night 11pm phone call from Mick, Adams immediately scrapped his beautiful vacation, opting for a different, beautiful vacation, fighting for Dana White. When I spoke with Adams, he shared with me, his days after that 5 day notice.


“Well instead of returning home asap, I chose to stay in Miami and used my last 2 days to get all my blood work/medicals done that I could do, that where not required, to be performed in the presence in UFC Staff. Then, I flew home (Denver area) quick, where I only Stayed for 3 hours before I flew to Vegas, to get the rest of Medicals done like CT brain scans, physicals, etc which couldn’t be done anywhere accept within/by the UFC medical staff. When I asked coach Denny, what kind of fight they are expecting, and what they knew, if anything about this next opponent, he said this:


“We are expecting a very emotional fight, from this undefeated opponent. We feel he has sub par striking, with limited wrestling/grappling. We train, to build and work on ourselves at our gym. We don’t train or change focus, according to the next opponent. We focus on what we can and need to do. I want to give some recognition to our sponsors at 5 Star Coatings, Bee Nails, Old Glory Energy Drinks, Country Financial, Dynamic Mortgage, Denver Sports Recovery, Denver Chiropractic, & CBD Living Water”

Anthony Adams is the undefeated, undisputed Sparta Combat League 178, 185 Champion and it’s been said, he has beat everyone, there is to beat around him that’s not already in the Big Leagues. Adams won his most recent title June 30, 2018. This next fight for Adams will be of course tonight, live on UFC Fight Pass. Those unfamiliar with UFC Fight Pass can purchase for around $10/month, and shows every Tuesday night Contender Series card, plus many other promotions as well.

This private event & bout will take place at the UFC Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tune in tonight on UFC Fight Pass to see if SugaFoot can seal the deal, on a new UFC career!

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