LAS VEGAS, NEVADA March 7, 2017– With last month’s official announcement of The MMA World Cup, organizations from around the world have been scrambling to put together their teams to participate in this highly anticipated event. Made4TheCage (M4TC) becomes the 21st team to accept the invitation to join the most prestigious tournament in MMA history, set to begin May 13 in Russia. Teams are currently represented in sixteen countries on six continents and will have the opportunity to become a host for World Cup Events in 2017 and beyond. The top talent from each host team will get to represent their country and organization and compete throughout the world. The MMA World Cup is set to prove who has “the best of the best” in MMA.

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M4TC represents some of the very best talent in all of United Kingdom, including former UFC fighters Phil De Fries and Colin Fletcher, as well as their reigning Heavyweight Champion, James Mulheron (11-1). Other notable talent from this organization includes current UFC standouts, Arnold Allen and Davey Grant. Based out of Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, England, M4TC has promoted over 20 events dating back to when they were formed in 2010.

Dale Percival, Founder of M4TC, was quoted, “Our organization was created to bring a top MMA show to the North East of England for both fighters and fans to enjoy. Along with my dear friend and Co-Founder, Steven France, we have quickly established ourselves as not only the biggest and best show within the North East, but also as one of the best in the UK MMA scene. We are thrilled to be joining with WSOF Global and participating in The MMA World Cup. We want to not only be the best MMA organization in our region, but also prove that our talent can compete against some of the very best in the world.” With this new relationship formed, it is expected that M4TC will anchor the tournament, by holding this year’s final World Cup event in England on November 25.

“United Kingdom is one of the pillars of the MMA world. A worldwide tournament with the best fighters would not be complete without them,” states WSOF-GC President, Shawn Wright. “Made4TheCage has proven repeatedly that they have some of the very best fighters, not only throughout England, but throughout all of the UK and the world. We are proud to have them represent their region and we know their fighters will take a lot of pride in trying to bring The MMA World Cup trophy back home. That task won’t be easy, but then again, nothing worth having is.”

“The MMA World Cup gets more and more exciting with each passing day,” added WSOF-GC Vice President of Operations, Jason Lilly. “We literally have champions from all over the world scheduled to compete in this great event to represent their organization and country. The organization which finishes with the best overall record will be crowned The MMA World Cup champion. Organizational pride and national honor will be on the line for everyone, including the fans. We continue to discuss with other organizations around the globe and expect to make more announcements soon. A new era in combat sports is here.”

M4TC’s previous events will be making their way into The MMA World Cup Fight Library, which will be the exclusive online home for The MMA World Cup in 2017. Watch The MMA World Cup, M4TC, and all of the World Cup Teams’ LIVE and previous events at www.TheMMAWorldCup.com!

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