LAS VEGAS, NEVADA March 14, 2017– The MMA World Cup continues to attract organizations from around the world to join their unprecedented event. The United States has joined the fray with the announcement that United Combat League will field a team of American fighters to take on the best talent from across the globe. This event currently has fielded twenty-two MMA promotions from all reaches of the planet, all vying to prove that they have the best fighters and willing to take on the best that the other promotions can muster.

The owner of United Combat League, Mike Davis, began promoting small events on Chicago’s South Side of Chicago before the turn of the century. Over the years, he continued to develop local, Midwestern talent, which led to Cutthroat MMA and today’s United Combat League (UCL), based in Indiana. UCL is the present home of former UFC fighters Dan Stittgen (UCL Welterweight Champion) and Miguel Torres. Current UFC standouts Neil Magny, Darren Elkins, and Ryan Hall each earned their stripes here before moving on to The Octagon.

When asked about UCL joining The MMA World Cup, Mike Davis said, “It excites us as a company to have the ability to consistently start sending local, Midwest talent to fight on internationally. We are also looking forward to showcasing and hosting fighters from all over the world at our events. This is a proud moment for us and we know our team will represent the United States well in this endeavor.” At press time, it is believed that UCL will be hosting their World Cup event on September 23.

“It’s hard to imagine a World Cup without some of the best young talent from the United States being represented,” added The MMA World Cup Chief Operating Officer, Darren Owen. “UCL has consistently been finding and developing the best talent in the Midwest. They will be a fine addition to this tournament. Not only will they be showcasing their veteran athletes, but also giving their rising stars the platform they need to propel them to the next level of competition. These fighters will have a lot to prove to themselves, their organization, and their country. We know they have what it takes to bring the World Cup home.”

United Combat League presents UCL:Retaliation this Saturday, March 18, live from Hammond Civic Centre in Hammond, Indiana. Doors are at 7pm CST (UTC-6) and the first fight is at 8pm (UTC-6). 10 fights are scheduled including a main event matchup for the UCL welterweight title between former UFC fighter, Dan Stittgen, and Joshua Lee. You can purchase your tickets by visiting uclmma.com. You can also watch the fights LIVE at TheMMAWorldCup.com. Catch a teaser for their event at https://goo.gl/gKcCl2.

UCL’s previous events will be making their way into The MMA World Cup Fight Library, which will be the exclusive online home for The MMA World Cup in 2017. Watch The MMA World Cup, UCL, and all of the World Cup Teams’ LIVE and previous events at TheMMAWorldCup.com!

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