USKO Fight Night 3 Results & Photographs

Monday, November 21, 2016 USKO hosted another amateur kickboxing event at the prestigious gym in Riverside, CA. At USKO Fight Night 3, blood sweat and tears poured out on the ring as these young men laid it all out in the ring.

FightBookMMA correspondents Isiah Ruiz and photographer Arlene Ruiz with Ziimedia covered the event. Below you will find the official results and photographs of the event.

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Fight of the night goes to these two warriors: Daniel Lopez Vs Marino Napuri by a draw. Both exchanging blows to one another. In a battle that the Muay Thai gods would be proud to see. In this amateur fight these two didn’t wear protective head-gear. When asked if the head-gear made any difference in a fight both agreed that it gets in the way. These two have nothing but respect for each other and showed excellent sportsmanship that everyone can take a page from. Watching these warriors fight had my blood boil with excitement. When interviewing Marino I asked him if he was going to get stitches for a cut he received at the of his right eyebrow. He considered it to more like a badge of honor and embrace it then to cover it up. “ I rather take home something like this scar on my eye then this trophy. Fighting with my opponent is like a brotherhood I got nothing but respect for him”.

Nate Seltzers Vs Jerry Robertson

Seltzers for the win by TKO. While interviewing Nate (34) I asked him if he ever fought before today which he stated that “today will be his amateur debut in kickboxing .” For this being his first fight he had an impressive victory winning at the first round. He had Robertson bloody having the referee to stop the fight do to him spitting out his mouth piece out on numerous occasions. Not being able to continue fight.

Cody McCarron Vs Jamaal Parsons.

Winner – Cody McCarron by unanimous decision. I got the privilege to interview Jamaal Parsons before his fight who seem very focus. This would be his second amateur fight at a record of 0-2. He felt like he learned from his previous fight with a new game plan and to redeem himself. Unfortunately that was not the case. I do wish him the best of luck in his next fight as he is a very impressive fighter. In this fight he should’ve kept his distance more instead of clinching so much. Both fighters kept tackling each other down instead of sweeping. Making it more of a MMA fight then a kickboxing. Maybe the pressure of being the opening fight had both a little more nervous and unfocused on their technique and more on pure instinct when it came to the fight.

Special thanks to Ed Rivas (Fight promoter), Joey Pagliuso (Owner) for allowing me to cover the event. Also to congratulate all the fighters who gave a 100% during the fights. The amateur kickboxing scene is an extraordinary experience to be apart of because you never know what could happen and who could be next big star in kickboxing.

USKO Fight Night 3 Results:

  • Cody McCarron Vs Jamaal Parsons.
  • Winner – Cody McCarron by unanimous decision
  • Clayton Blokzyl Vs Eliezer Roldan
  • Winner- Clayton Blokzyl by split Decision
  • Daniel Esparza Vs Mario Ramirez
  • Winner- Daniel Esparza by unanimous decision
  • Mitchell Ramirez Vs Juber Andino
  • Winner- Juber Andino by unanimous decision
  • Daniel Lopez Vs Marino Napuri
  • Winner- draw
  • Greg Mooney Vs German Echeverria
  • Winner- Greg. Mooney unanimous decision
  • Nate Seltzers Vs Jerry Robertson
  • Winner- Nate Seltzers by TKO
  • Rezekiel Dulaney Vs Matthew Arriola
  • Winner- Rezekiel Dulaney by disqualification
  • Robert Merejil Vs Chad Goodwin
  • Winner- Chad Goodwin by TKO

By: Isiah Ruiz
Photographer, Field Reporter , and Writer

Arlene Ruiz
Video/Photographer editor and Record keeper



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