USKO Fight Night 5 Recap, Results & Photographs

CALIFORNIA (Tue, April 25, 2017)– A rowdy and passionate crowd played witness the USKO Fight Night 5 event held in Riverside, California on Saturday April 22nd. The event was a combination of kickboxing and Muay Thai bouts with a Super Welterweight Championship bout between Alfredo Cervantes and Wilson Ha serving as the night’s headliner.

Results for Featured Bouts:

Super Welterweight Championship: Alfredo Cervantes def. Wilson Ha via unanimous decision

Cervantes starts the bout as the aggressor and push forward the entire first round. Ha seemed to be caught off guard by Cervantes’ aggressiveness and spent the majority of the first round falling back and counter striking. Cervantes found a home for his body kicks in the first round. He was able to push Ha into the corner and land a few punch combinations before the bell rang ending the first round.

The second round played out almost identical to the first with Cervantes pushing the pace and stalking Ha for the majority of the time. The aggression paid off as Cervantes dropped Ha with a body shot that prompted the crowd to erupt in cheer. Ha answered the referee’s count and he was able to withstand the attack of Cervantes until the round ended.

Ha started the third round more aggressive than the previous two rounds. Cervantes welcomes the fight and dropped Ha with a push kick. Ha remained aggressive and appeared to have drop Cervantes at first which erupted the crowd but it turned out to be a slip. The stop in action benefited both men as they picked up the pace for the remainder of the round. The bell sounded while both men were trading strikes with the crowd giving their approval of the efforts of both fighters.

Chad Kindle def. Juber Andino via unanimous decision

This was a rematch from USKO 4. Andino was the victor in that bout and Kindle came in looking to avenge the loss. The first round was a feeling out process as both men were circling and peppering each other with jabs and kick. Andino did push Kindle up against the ropes and landed a punching combination before the round ended. No real damage was done by either fighter in the first round.

Both fighters came out a little more aggressive for the second round. Kindle and Andino stayed in the pocket and traded blows. This was not an exciting fight but rather a gritty technical affair. Kindle was the more aggressive in round two.

Both men continued their deliberate pace for the third and final round. Andino landed a nice head kick but Kindle ate it and pushed forward. Kindle shows a little frustration and taunts Andino to engage with him as he pushed forward. Andino answers with a body kick but inflect no real damage to Kindle.

Zeke Dulaney def. Jules Wallace via unanimous decision

The two men waste no time going after each other. After a few strikes for each fighter it is clear the Dulaney is the more athletic of the two. Wallace is using a traditional stance and is moving forward while Dulaney has a lot more movement in his striking. It does not date long for Dulaney to find his range and he finds a home for his jab often. Wallace continued to move forward and paid dearly for it. Dulaney lands clean with a few punches that wobbles Wallace and actually sent him through the ropes. Before the referee could administer his count the bell sounded ending the first round.

As the second round began Dulaney looked more comfortable and confident in his striking. He continued to move around while Wallace maintained his traditional straight forward approach. Dulaney lands a nice right hook that has Wallace wobbled once again. Despite being in danger Wallace remained on his feet and showcased his resilience.

The third round saw Dulaney slow down just a little and it was enough for Wallace to land a few hard shots but not enough to inflict any real damage. Dulaney catches his second wind midway through the round and ends the fight with a strong flurry of strikes.

Atomweight Championship: Ana Flores def. Karla Mendoza via split decision

The fight started with both women trading kicks but that soon ended as Flores was able to close in and grab Mendoza and clinch her up. Flores really utilized her clinch to pull ahead in the judges’ score cards and do damage to the body of Mendoza. While up close Flores was able to land a hard elbow before the round ended.

Mendoza comes out a little more aggressive to start the second round. Flores however, is able to utilize her strong clinch game and land a few knees. As Mendoza separates Flores lands some leg kicks. Mendoza continues to push forward but Flores looks more comfortable and tries a spinning back fists that barely misses its mark.

Mendoza comes out even more aggressive than the previous round. Her corner must have told her to look for the finish as the first two rounds could have easily gone to Flores. Flores looks to be a little winded as her strikes do not seem to have as much power as they did in the first two rounds. Flores tries for another spinning back fists that misses. Mendoza goes for a spinning back fist of her own. The trading of spinning back fists really gets the crowd going and the place erupts in cheers. This was Mendoza’s best round but it will prove to be too little too late.

Gilbert Nakatani def. Jason Kang via decision

Nakatani comes out aggressive and stalks Kang for the majority of the first round. Nakatani threw strikes at a high volume and many of them did end up landing. Kang seemed patience throughout the round and was willing to eat the strikes of Nakatani to find his opening. Nakatani lands not one but two head kicks during the round and pulled ahead in the judges’ scorecards.

The second round played out pretty much as the first round. Nakatani continued to stalk Kang while landing strikes. Kang still is waiting for his right opportunity to strike. Meanwhile Nakatani is throwing spinning kicks and throwing at a higher volume. Kang’s patience pays off a little towards the end of the round as he is able to land a few strikes.

Both men come out swinging for the third and final round. Nakatani pushes Kang to the corner and lands a few strikes. Kang manages to escape and pushes forward. Natatani lands a push kick that drops Kang. Kang quickly gets to his feet before the referee can administer any type of count. Neither man land anything significant as the round came to an end.

Noel Feesago def. Natalie Klogg via TKO in Round 3 at 0:42

Feesago quickly finds a home for her body kicks right as the fight starts. Klogg is making her amateur debut and it shows a little as Feesago has the more fluid movement in the ring. Feesago pushes forward with Klogg landing a few counter punches. Feesago lands a punching combination that rocks Klogg.

Feesago looks comfortable we enter the second round. Klogg’s punches start to look wild has Feesago continues to land at will. A push kick by Feesago sends Klogg to the mat and the referee steps in to administer the count. Klogg answers the count and the round ends shortly after.

Feesago lands a flurry of punches to start the third round. Klogg has no other choice but to eat them all. Feesago continues to throw strikes and lands series of body kicks and punches before the referee steps in and stops the fight.

Danny Esparza def. Carlos Acosta via TKO in Round 2 at 0:13

This fight was billed as a super heavyweight bout and both men hit like it. Esparza and Acosta did not back down from each other but it was Esparza who was pushing forward the entire first round. Esparza landed a nice left right combo that caught Acosta flush in the face.

Esparza wasted no time in rushing Acosta to the corner as the round started. Acosta is forced into the corner and eats a heavy dosage of punches from Esparza before the referee steps in to stop the fight.

Other Results:

  • Nicole Fernandez def. Brianna Espenido via TKO in Round 1 at 1:38
  • Kickboxing Match: Alex Rosas def. Pedro Segura via decision
  • Chris Lee def. Luis Alamis via decision
  • Julian Wilkerson def. Julian Bernal via decision
  • Daishaun Butler def. John Mosby via decision
  • Diego Cruz def. Nathan Seltzers via TKO in Round 1 at 1:36

Article By: Alex Ramirez
Phtoto Credit: Maggie Soto

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