V3Fights came, saw, and conquered Nashville, TN on Saturday night and ended the year with another sold out crowd. The place was rocking Marathon Music Works from the opening bout to the main event fight. Three new champions were crowned and a handful of new fighters were introduced to the Legion. Adrian Thomas is the new bantamweight champion, Chris Hall is the new featherweight champion, and Cody Tucker is the new light heavyweight champion.

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“Fight of the Night” went to Greg Stratman and Chris Hall. That fight was what a title fight is all about! “Submission of the Night” goes to Just Hartley. In his pro debut, he was able to secure a triangle choke in the first round which forced his opponent to tap. “Knockout of the Night” was a no brainer. At 2:24 of the very first round, Will Calhoun landed a strike that knocked his opponent out cold. “Fighter/Permornance of the Night” goes to Tony Johnson. In a main event with a ton of hype behind it, Johnson was able to stop his opponent via TKO in just over a minute into the first round.

V3Fights will be back in action on January 24, 2015 in Memphis, TN.

Full results below:


125 – Joe Jones defeated Barry Gevedon via TKO in round #1 (:14)

175 – William Johnson defeated Braden Crowell via unanimous decision

155 – Kegan Gennrich defeated Langston Stevenson via RNC in round #1 (2:25)

145 – Will Calhoun defeated Alex Riggs via KO in round #1 (2:24)

265 – Pete Pirtle defeated Michael Snapp via TKO in round #3 (1:47)

125 – Frankie Nuffio defeated Salvador Garcia via unanimous decision

170 – Robbie Mezanava defeated Carlos Gonzalez via unanimous decision

130 – Jamie Milanowski defeated Erica Fincher via RNC in round #1 (2:00)

170 – Ben Littrell defeated Greg Taylor via mounted guillotine in round #1 (2:13)

145 – Molly Dupertuis defeated Adriene Rainey via TKO in round #1 (1:30)

265 – Logan Woods defeated Kem Oti via split decision

135 (title fight) – Adrian Thomas defeated Clint Odom via unanimous decision

145 (title fight) – Chris Hall defeated Greg Stratman via unanimous decision

205 (title fight) – Cody Tucker defeated Jerry Baker via unanimous decision


170 – Just Hartley defeated Timothy Stewart via triangle choke in round #1 (4:25)

150 – Adam Townsend defeated Jorge Medina via RNC in round #1 (3:01)

265 – Tony Johnson defeated Robert Neal via TKO in round #1 (1:21)

About V3Fights

V3Fights was founded in Memphis, TN as an amateur fighting circuit in 2009. In 2014, the company made their professional debut. The company’s mission is to provide quality professional MMA events for fans across the mid-south whether it be live, on television, or pay per view. V3Fights is one of the premier launching pads for professional MMA fighters who are the next generation of MMA. For more information on V3Fights, visit www.v3fights.com.