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Victor Moreno undisputed MCC/WWFC Champion vs. Yuri Villefort at VFC #59 Saturday night in Omaha, Nebraska

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Victor Moreno undisputed MCC/WWFC Champion vs. Yuri Villefort at VFC #59 Saturday night in Omaha, Nebraska. This Saturday night Dec 16, Victor Moreno will fight World Class fighter Yuri Villefort in Omaha, Nebraska at Baxter Arena live on UFC Fight Pass. The card starts at 7pm Central. If u wish to attend tickets are still available at cagetix.com, and you can view card details at victoryfighter.com. This opportunity holds huge implications for both fighters, as the VFC belt has many times been the key, that opens the door to the UFC.

When I spoke with Victor Moreno on Wednesday, he said he had just finished hitting some pads with his coach in Des Moines,IA. He also mentioned he has made a couple of trips to American Top Team in Florida, returning home just recently. Previous to 2017 Victor was training at Power MMA in Arizona. I asked Moreno what he wanted to say to any of the big league promotions. Moreno went on to say “to any of the bigger promotions, I don’t blame them, you know, nobody wants an old dog. Everyone wants to build from the beginning. Unfortunately that’s not the route I took. I did it all on my own. I was lied to by multiple managers and promoters, just lied to the entire time, thinking that it’s coming, thinking it’s coming, thinking it’s coming (big league offers). In reality, it wasn’t.” When Moreno started fighting MMA, MMA was called “No Holds barred” (NHB), and he went on to basically say it was a very unstructured time in the sport and it was kind of, just a free for all, in regards to no clear blueprint to the UFC or upper tier promotions during that time period. “They’d (promotions/managers) tell you one thing, then when they turn a corner it’s completely different. So I’m used to it. I’ve learned to be in control more, and once they (big leagues) see what happens Saturday, there just won’t be any question, they’re gonna contact me. So, I’m in the right position,now.” Similar to Roy Nelson, Moreno managed his own MMA(NHB) career, and just took every, and any fight he could possibly get, any weight, anyone, anytime, anywhere. During the time Victor was very young, and maybe fed his fighter ego, and what he thought was the manly thing to do, by thinking that’s how he could gain the exposure and recognition needed to accomplish his dream of making it to the UFC, or globally, known promotion. Now he understand clearly what he needs to do, which is why Moreno just recently signed a 5 fight contract with VFC, which will provide a very clear, direct path to his dream. Moreno has ups and downs during his career like most, but has dominated the Iowa 170 division for many years. Moreno has fought for King of the Cage, Midwest Cage Championship, World War Fighting Championship, and many others. Also a undefeated Bellator veteran as well, completely waxing his last 170 Bellator opponent, Moreno continues to not get a call back from them.

Moreno currently holds the MCC and WWFC Welterweight Pro belts, and his last fight Vs Tyler Vogel, ended very preciously, very quickly, and very violently, with Moreno knocking out a very l noisey Vogel in just over 60 seconds, which I witnessed live, and in person. It seemed devastating, and completely awesome live, and in person. He later mentions “ this is what I love to do, I love to fight. If someone wants to dance with me, then let’s go.”

Victor seemed very at ease, but also very determined at the same time, as a result of his new deal with VFC. “A lot of the Iowa fight scene is like a high school locker room” referring ato a constant negative energy amongst it. Someday I’d like to work with the Iowa athletic commission to help clean it (Iowa MMA scene) up, and just make everything better. I mean who knows more about it than me? One day I wanna be a gym owner, I wanna help kids. There should be a better system in place, by now (here) I asked Moreno what he thought was Villeforts biggest threat was. Moreno, always classy, he’s good, “he holds a belt (in another promotion), he’s won 5 in a row, and that’s always good for some one’s head. But he has never fought someone like me, with my experience. I’m 6’3”, and I’m big and very long. I used to fight at 205, Yuri used to fight at 155. I mean, I’m a big (expletive) for 170 & he’ll realize this at weigh ins. He’ll be like (expletive) this guys for real. Once the fight begins, it’s not gonna matter how hard he trains, he ain’t even gonna have a chance to do anything. I am so focused, when he makes one mistake, I’m gonna be all over it.”

Victor wanted to thank his sponsors at Bar Sports Performance, and Barlett Electric.

This article sponsored by my great friends at Patton Eugene Photography, Municipal Connections and Talon Muay Thai & Fight Gear.


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