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Saturday October 15. 3016 MMA bring so much joy to the world for men and women, as if you’re a fighter you work as hard as you can to succeed and become a champion. If you just train to stay in shape, there is no better way to get your butt into shape than some MMA training. There are legends and stars of the sport like Kimbo Slice, Royce Gracie, Connor McGregor and Ronda Rousey but outside of the names everyone knows there are fighters that are busting their ass to do whatever it takes to make it. Andy Nguyen is one the hardest working women in MMA and has proven that anyone challenge that gets put in front of her she not only dominates it but proves that she belongs with the best of them.

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After fighting her way from smaller promotions taking any fight she can get she found herself in King OF The Cage fighting for the Women’s Atomweight under 105 pound title. The Karate Mafia stand out did what she does best and finished her opponent and became champion. In her last fight she defended that very belt against Cassie Robb and she didn’t waste any time getting the job done and Nguyen finished Robb in Round 3 at the 4:25 mark. Andy Sat down with FightBookMMA for an interview, and I got the chance to learn a little but more about the Champ and how she always gets the job done.

Rick: So Andy how did you get into MMA.

Andy: I moved from Greenville South Carolina to Myrtle Beach. South Carolina legalized MMA over 6 years ago and with my son’s father living in Myrtle I moved there so they can be closer. He invited me to a sold out show one night and I really didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to watch two half-naked men fight like animals but I went any way and saw these two female strawweights came out and I didn’t know that they had girls that size that fight. So I ran to him and said I WANNA DO THIS. It’s funny because all of my Myrtle Beach friends said I was to pretty to fight and that I shouldn’t. Luke my ex said “Nope that’s all her. You don’t know her like I know her”. He got me in the gym and 3-4 months later I won my 1st amateur fight.

Rick: Wow that’s crazy. How many amateur fights did you have before turning pro?

Andy: I had 7-12. 19 fights total form 115-135 lbs. I lost a lot due to the girls being bigger than me.

Rick: Ok how did you pick your weight class? Was 115 better for you because of the size of the girls?

Andy: Yes. I met Andrea’s husband/ my coach and she said “I’m a 105er not a 115er” because I walked at 120 when I was training full-time.

Rick: Ok I gotcha. What organizations have you fought for?

Andy: VFA in lake Charles Louisiana. CUFF in the Caribbean, Legacy and King of the Cage.

Rick: How did you end up in KOTC?

Andy: KOTC offered a contract after the XFC fell apart but I was skeptical. The CEO of KOTC Terry texted me “What does it take for you to sign and fight on TV”. I personally didn’t care about TV. I already fought on TV. But he offered me an Atomweight title shot. For the first time ever the title was on the line and I love to make history and that’s when I was sold.

Rick: That’s Awesome a chance to make history is an opportunity you can never pass on. In your own words how did the title fight go? Anyone can look at the results, but from the challenger what were your thoughts and feelings from that night?

Andy: I was coming off a loss by decision and felt like it was a robbery. I wanted to make a statement from a stand up fighter to Judo, to Jujitsu. That title fight showed a lot and I finally made my point. That TKO should have been earlier. I worked OT lol.

Rick: Ok I see you Andy putting in the OT. But how has training been for your next fight compared to any other fight?

Andy: My cardio and conditioning is on point. This is the best weight cut I’ve had so far. I started training 8 weeks ago not knowing who my opponent was going to be. No matter what I’m prepared for war.

Rick: How do you feel Cobb will do against you? What are her strengths and weaknesses?

Andy: Cassie Robb has been calling me out on Twitter so I expect the best of her. I’m sure she training her ass off. ***

Rick: Ok what are your thoughts on mind games? It’s become such a big part of the MMA game.

Andy: I don’t play mind games. I don’t give a fuck lol. I never search if she’s talking about me or whatever. All that mind games is like WWE crap.

Rick: Easy now I’m a huge WWE fan! Haha but that’s a good way to look at it. How about family life outside MMA?

Andy: After my fights I fly home. I miss my niece, my son and my family. I still train but not 35 hours a week. More like 10.

Rick: That’s good that you make time for family. A lot of fighters don’t do that as much as they say they do.

Andy: Well I’m older and my family is everything. I have no one here in Louisiana. Andrea and her family is my family now but still.

Rick: That is beautiful. Well do you have any other thoughts you want me to add about you or any of your sponsors.

Andy: Thank you JB Boss for sponsoring my banner and making my shirts! Tim Eddington for my sexy pictures. He’s a great photographer! All my sponsors gave me a chance to train full-time. Without them, I cannot do it on my own! Slept Fight Wear, Meeshack, Paul Hejduk, FighterAlias, Joe Gensburger, AND Aron Jump from LubMMA.Com THANK YOU!

Andy is an unbelievable fighter, she is the 1st pro Vietnamese/American female fighter in the Muay Thai and MMA world. She is the 1st KOTC Atomweight world champion and a Relson Gracie Blue Belt and a 2015 Naga Champ. She has the skills to take her career to the next level and sky is the limit for Ngyuen. Make sure to keep an eye out for her next title fight live and exclusively for KOTC.

***King of the Cage: “SOCIAL DISORDER” 

Cassie Robb vs. Andy Nguyen **Champion**
Winner: Andy Nguyen via TKO in Round 3 at the 4:25 mark.

#AndStill KOTC Women’s Atomweight Champion: Andy Nguyen

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By: Rick San Bartolome
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