WATCH: Altercation between Crocotá and Frohlich during Brave 8 weigh-ins goes viral

Last night, Brave 8: The Rise of Champions held its official ceremonial weigh-ins for the fans in a Shopping Center, in Curitiba. Although two belts are on the line on tonight’s event, it was a main card bout with no immediate title repercussions that got the MMA community in a frenzy. Veteran Edilberto Crocotá, who makes his Brave debut against prospect Christiano Frohlich in a Middleweight fight, slapped his opponent after the two had heated discussions.

During Fight Week, the two of them had words for each other whenever they met in official events, and a brawl almost erupted in the weigh-ins, when “Urso” and Crocotá finally met face to face for their staredown. Brave officials were quick to separate both fighters before anything else could happen.

Immediately after the weigh-ins were finished, amateur videos of the scuffle were quickly uploaded to social media and attracted further attention to the rivalry brewing between the two Middleweights. Tonight, they’ll settle their differences inside the Brave cage live for 84 countries and on Brave Combat Federation’s official Youtube channel.

Brave 8: The Rise of Champions live at 8 PM (Brasilia, Brazil time):

The scuffle between Edilberto Crocotá and Christiano Frohlich:


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