WBKFF 1: Rules and Regulations, Wyoming, US.

Per the state of Wyoming, these are the rules and regulations for WBKFF’s debut event ‘Rise of the Titans’ on Nov. 9th, 2018:

Wyoming Administrative Rules Mixed Martial Arts, Board of

Mixed Martial Arts, Board of
Chapter 15: Professional Bare Knuckle Fighting

Effective Date: 09/06/2018
Rule Type: Emergency Rules & Regulations Reference Number: 046.0001.15.09062018

Generated 09/07/2018

Chapter 15
Bare Knuckle Fighting


Section 1. Bout Requirements.

  1. (a)  For each bout, contestants shall start on scratch lines forty-eight inches apart.
  2. (b)  Each bout of professional Bare Knuckle Fighting shall be at least three rounds but

no more than seven rounds. Each round involving male contestants shall be no more than three minutes in length, with one-minute rest periods between rounds. Each round involving female contestants shall be no more than two minutes in length, with one-minute rest periods between rounds.

(c) A Bare Knuckle Fighting contestant shall not participate in a boxing, kickboxing, karate, or mixed martial arts bout in Wyoming for at least thirty days following a previous bout in Wyoming or in any other jurisdiction.

(d) A Bare Knuckle contestant whose license is currently suspended or has been revoked by the Board or any other athletic commission, domestic or foreign, shall not participate in any bout in Wyoming until the suspension is lifted or until the license is reinstated.

(e) If a bout is deemed by the Board or Board representative to be a mismatch that could expose one or both of the contestants to serious injury based on the record, experience, skill, or condition of each of the contestants, the bout shall be disapproved and cancelled by the Board or Board representative.

(f) The weight of each contestant or the classification in which each contestant will compete, or both, shall be announced at ringside.

(g) A bout may be adjudged a technical knockout to the credit of the winner if the bout is terminated because a contestant meets any of the following conditions:

  1. (i)  Is unable to continue;
  2. (ii)  Is not honestly competing;
  3. (iii)  Is injured;
  4. (iv)  Is disqualified; or
  5. (v)  Shows timidity.


Section 2. Tactics Deemed Fouls.

  1. (a)  Hitting the opponent below the belt;
  2. (b)  Hitting an opponent who is down or is getting up after being down;
  3. (c)  Deliberately maintaining a clinch without other action;
  4. (d)  Wrestling or kicking the opponent;
  5. (e)  Putting a finger into any orifice of the opponent or into any cut or laceration on

an opponent, including fishhooking;

  1. (f)  Pulling the opponents hair;
  2. (g)  Manipulating the opponents fingers;
  3. (h)  Striking an opponent who is helpless as the result of blows but is supported by the

ropes and does not fall;

  1. (i)  Butting the opponent with the head, shoulder, knee, or elbow;
  2. (j)  Hitting the opponent with the elbow or forearm;
  3. (k)  Striking the opponent’s body over the kidneys;
  4. (l)  Hitting the opponent on the back of the head or neck;
  5. (m)  Gouging the opponent’s eye in any manner;
  6. (n)  Using abusive language in the ring;
  7. (o)  Hitting during a break, which is signaled by the referee’s command or physical act

to separate two contestants;

  1. (p)  Hitting the opponent after the bell has sounded, ending the round;
  2. (q)  Using the ropes to gain an advantage over the opponent;
  3. (r)  Pushing the opponent around the ring or into the ropes;
  4. (s)  Timidity, including intentionally spitting out the mouthpiece;


  1. (t)  Biting the opponent;
  2. (u)  Headlocks;
  3. (v)  Throat punches or strikes directly towards the throat of an opponent;
  4. (w)  Fingers outstretched toward an opponent’s face or eyes; and
  5. (x)  Engaging in any other action not described in this subsection that is deemed an

intentional foul by the referee on the basis that the action poses a danger to the safety of either contestant, impedes fair and competitive play, or is unsportsmanlike.

Section 3. Bare Knuckle Fighting Specific Equipment.

(a) Hands shall be wrapped with gauze and athletic tape that ends no closer than 1 inch from the fighter’s knuckles. The wrap must include the wrist and may travel up to three inches past the junction of the wrist bone.

(b) Gauze may be applied to the wrist, palm of the hand, back of the hand, and thumb. The length of gauze to be utilized may not exceed a length of ten feet per hand.

(c) Tape may be applied to the wrist, palm of the hand, back of the hand, and thumb. The tape shall not be greater than one inch in width and shall not exceed ten feet in length per hand.

(d) Each contestant shall wear appropriate attire and protective devices, including a dental appliance or mouthpiece that has been individually fitted and approved by the Board or Board Representative. Each male contestant shall wear a protective cup. Each contestant shall wear an abdominal protector, which shall protect the contestant against injury from a foul blow. The abdominal protector shall not cover or extend above the umbilicus. Each female contestant shall wear a protective pelvic girdle and either a plastic breast protector or a sport bra.

(e) The belt of the shorts shall not extend above the waistline. Shorts shall be without pockets or openings and shall be subject to approval by the Board Representative.

  1. (f)  Contestants shall not use any cosmetic when competing.
  2. (g)  Contestant’s fingernails and thumbnails shall not extend past the tip of the fingers

and thumbs.

(h) Ring shoes are required for all contestants.

Section 4. Ring and Cage Requirements.

(a) Ring and Cage Size


(i) A Board or Board representative approved ring or cage that promotes contestant, official, and spectator safety.

(ii) All cages/rings must be pre-approved by the Board or Board representative prior to the event.


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