We Are All One (WAAO)-MMA Facebook Group


Monday June 1, 2015– Facebook is a place for friends to find eachother and a place for Facebook Groups. Theres a lot of “groups” in Facebook and you can pretty much find any type of group. One topic is Combat Sports, like ours FightBookMMA and one that a good of friend of ours runs which is We Are All One or WAAO. Who are they? And what is the story behind WAAO? And why are we talking about this particular group? To answer these questions lets talk about the creator of WAAO Mr. Hein van der Velden who is the driving force behind ‘We Are All One’.

Hein was looking for a name for or group, and when he saw Genki Sudo highlights he sent the videos to Bas because he found it “supper cool” on how he was standing in the ring with his flag. Bas told Hein “yeah i know the guy, I trained him”. From that moment on, he was in love with Genki Sudo and named the group WE ARE ALL ONE. Genki Sudo will always be his inspiration.

Hein states the following in an interview he had with Knockdown.be:

“I’ve been a martial arts addict all my life and Bas Rutten. It was strange having my timeline on Facebook filled with facts and figures about fighting. That’s when I got the idea of starting a group in which everyone can have their say about this sport.”

“It’s especially kickbox and MMA that I want to promote more in Belgium and The Netherlands”, he continues. “The more I follow-up the sport here, the more agitated I get. It is a top sport, but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves in my opinion. The news is packed with useless items. Someone who barely made a name for himself in sports and suddenly dies, gets a whole item just for him. A boxer winning a title is taboo and it isn’t metioned. If everyone would just realise how many world champions reside in Belgium and The Netherlands, they wouldn’t be so willingly ignorant.”

Hein also states on how he feels when fighters are talked about in a negative matter:

“Fighters are always seen as scum and criminals. When one wins the world cup, nothing is mentioned about him. If he fights in a club, the front pages are filled with pictures and facts. The worst thing that happens when a boxer is concerned, regular fights aren’t even mentioned. This negative image must be turned around. That’s why I chose ‘We Are All One’ as a slogan. We are all human and equal.”

The group members show their support and his initiative by posting pictures in the group and by sending them to Hein. The collection is HUGE and they are from all ovet the world. As you can see Heins cousin MMA Legend Bas Rutten is holding a sign and Bas supports 100% on Heins vision.

Hein continues to say about his vision:

“The people committed to this initiative include lawyers and people with top positions. So boxers are not the criminals and scum they are made out to be. I plan to continue until we have a thousand pictures. After that, I’ll take them to the mayor of Amsterdam. He has forbidden gala’s, because they pose to big of a risk. The Ajax hooligans go without mentioning. They play every weekend and cause nothing but trouble.”

MMA Crypt Fighting Talk had Hein on the show who as we all now know is the cousin of Bas Rutten. Mr Hein Van Der Velden discussed his MMA Facebook Group – ‘We Are All One’. Check out the interview below.