Will CM Punk return to UFC?

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ARIZONA (Thur, February 9, 2017)– As we all witnessed the debut of former WWE superstar CM Punk making his MMA debut against Mickey Gall at UFC 203, let’s be honest, Punk is nowhere near the level of being a professional MMA fighter, let alone a UFC fighter. And no he doesn’t deserve to fight for a company like Bellator MMA, despite that promotion having many embarrassing moments. However, I do admire and respect CM Punk even though he’s not a professional ranked fighter. I’ve been a fan of his since his days in the WWE and I respected his decision to pursue a career in Mixed Martial Arts despite being 37 years old. I also admired the fact that he left big money from WWE to try something he clearly loves. But you have to face the facts, he can’t fight at a professional level.

His fight with Gall will probably go down as the most one-sided beat down match since Randy Couture dominated boxing legend, James Tony. What happens next for the guy? Will he be released from his contract or will he fight again in the UFC? And if he gets released, will another MMA promotion like Bellator MMA sign him? It was pretty hard to take the UFC seriously for signing a celebrity pro wrestler with no fighting background (yes I know he trains in BJJ) and no experience in professional fighting. At least James Tony was a top Heavyweight boxing champion with over 70 wins. At least he had a fighting background in boxing even though his debut was a complete embarrassment. But with CM Punk, it’s a completely different story.

On the bright side, signing CM Punk was good for the UFC on a business stand point, and Punk was reportedly given credit for the pay-per-view buys that UFC 203 had, which was between 425,000-475,000 buys. So I would expect the UFC to generate even more PPV revenue if Punk decides to get back inside the UFC cage. As Punk stated numerous times that he is looking get back inside the octagon, it’s going to be pretty interesting on if the UFC will allow him to return to their promotion, let alone a PPV event. We’re just going to have to wait and find out I guess.

Article By: Ibrahim Awadalla

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