World Cagefighting Championships 19 Recap & Photographs

World Cagefighting Championships 19

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Spooky Nook

Manheim, PA

Photo Credit: Maggie McMaster

Manheim, PA (Wednesday, December 7, 2016)– The massive Spooky Nook Event Center at Manheim, PA. was a superb host to World Cagefighting Championships on Friday, December 2. World Cagefighting Championships who, under the leadership of Doug Yasinsky and Mike Bickings, put on another unforgettable night of fights at WCC 19 that featured some of the best up-and-comers in the MMA scene on the east coast.

Some people roller blade and some people like to get punched in the face during their time off as is the case for Duane “Crispy” Shields, out of Phladelphia PA who weighed in at 154 lbs. (1-1) representing Martinez BJJ. His “time off” when he’s not caring for his two young sons, going to school to build a career as a drug and alcohol counselor, and working consists of training with some of the most elite fighters on the east coast. Some hobby! Shields went head to head with Eric Norris (1-0) an extremely well-rounded and talented fighter representing Grappling Nation. The first round saw both fighters with good action. Shields’ cross face and control, ground and pound, and top control won him that round. Round two, Shields secured top control again after back and forth action and nice shots by both. In Round three Shields let those hands go; but Time was called for a hit to the back of head after which both fighters were put back into same position. After the adjustment, Crispy, administered more vicious ground and pound to finish off a dominant performance. Shields remarked that coming in there was nothing to him being that he trains with top guys over at Martinez BJJ. After Shields’ arm was raised, both fighters’ corners had charged words and nearly set up an improptu brawl between Sharif Jones in Norris’ corner and Will Martinez in Shields’ corner with me against the cage (taking pics of course). The heated exchange saw Martinez escorted out of the building by security by the end of it. Jones had previously called Martinez out after his imposing victory for the title over Troy Wittman where Martinez had broken his hand – a fact of which Jones was unaware prompting callouts and fierce trash talk by fans of each fighter. Each is now set to fight the other in May or June which will bring the house down. I’m in training as we speak. (S/D Shields)

Zach “Malice” Malizia weighing in at 133 lbs. representing Grappling Nation in his debut fight, tested his steel against a solid fighter in Will Warwick (2-1) who hails from Carlisle, PA weighing in at 134.6 lbs. fighting for Team Schutt against the awesome atmosphere at the Spooky Nook as a backdrop for this spectacular fight. At Round one there was some back and forth action – Malizia with an upper cut followed by an overhand right by Warwick. Massive action was underway. Despite Malizia with another takedown in Round 2, Malice was looking exhausted in his corner at Round 3. He’d just been through a brawl and looking as one would expect. Warwick displaying dominance in all three rounds wrapped up Round 3 with more devastating ground and pound to cinch a unanimous decision victory. As is true with all great fighters, Malice wished for better results out of himself and that of his teammates. Knowing that, he vows to come back better than ever and be a part of another great show by WCC. (U/D 30/27 Will Warwick)

Cameron “Dark Water” Chism (4-3) out of Williamsort, PA representing Team Vicious MMA, weighing in at 176 lbs., walked out to one of his signature Disney songs. At his first title fight, he came out to “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”. This time his walk out song, “He Lives In You”, took on more personal meaning for him as he dedicated this fight to his friend, Brenden Shipmen, who passed away on November 1st at sixteen years old and whose dear mother, father and sister were in the crowd for the fight. Chism now keeps Brenden’s picture with him at all times. Dark Water took on Steve Olan (1-2) who hails from Lancaster, PA and weighed in at 175 representing Gracie 717. The exciting action started out with a push kick, spectacular connections, and a takedown with Chism on top. Olan countered with some nice straight jabs by the end of Round 1. The back and forth action continued into Round 2 with more kicking and boxing. Dragging him under those dark waters, Round 3 held a beautiful left for his first TKO at this venue for Dark Water. (TKO Chism)

Fighting out of Philadelphia and representing Grappling Nation, Bart “Bang” Pierre has a 2-1 amateur record. The 155’er took on his opponent with an amateur record of 6-6 who won his last two fights and won three of the last four fights in impressive fashion. Kaheem “The Dream” Murray who fights out of Renzo Gracie Philly and Hands Up Studio, was calm and confident all along and was glad to prove himself with a prevailing victory. At the start of Round one, Pierre walked into a nice one by Murray but was able to stuff a take down. By Round three the ferocious action continued with Murray taking top control and winning every round by stuffing most of Pierre’s takedowns and countering them with some of his own. The Dream confided that although he didn’t think this was his most exciting performance to date, he’s satisfied knowing he took all three rounds – this, despite having gotten sick during his training and weight cut which affected his cardio. He’s happy to win two fights in thirteen days. He also learned a valuable lesson in not taking any trash talk to heart. He’ll be getting ready for his last amateur fight December 31 then hopefully going pro for WCC. Pierre is looking forward as every fighter must, promising improvements in his game in his next fight and delivering more stellar performances in the future. To this fact, I have no doubt. (U/D Kaheem Murray)

Mike “Country Strong” Clelan, out of Newville, PA weighing at 145 lbs. represented Team Pague with an amateur record of 2-1, faced off against a tough son-of-a-gun in Charles O’Brien. Round one saw Clelan defending a rear naked choke but slamming O’Brien for his efforts. Round two Clelan was keeping forward pressure. O’Brien had him against the cage, but Clelan had O’Brien’s neck until O’Brien defended it. By the end of Round two, Clelan’s on top. At Round three we saw more of the same with O’Brien swinging. Clelan takes down O’Brien at sound of bell. Country Strong was able get the job done. These guys are stalwart fighters with heart – and this fight was a barn burner! Despite having limited time to train, Clelan walked away with the nod by all three judges to secure another major decision win . He’ll be back in the Spring once he’s done coaching his boys’ youth wrestling over the winter. (U/D 30/27, 29-28, 29-28 Clelan)

Fighting out of the depths of the jungle and weighing in light at 195 lbs, Jon “Lionheart” Tuxford’s amateur record is 5-6 and boasts a one-win win streak as of late. Although not a pro yet, the humorous Beleza BJJ and Gracie 717 rep was honored to fight as an ammy at WCC 19 on a stacked card from top to bottom in an incredibly entertaining fight. He is looking forward to the next event hoping to be on it. And by way of performance, I’d say his chances are good. In Round One, Devin “The 82nd” Nelson, an imposing figure of Team Abnormal Aggression, was against the cage with hooks around his neck. In the second round the crowd saw a dominant round by Tuxford with repeated knees and punches to Nelson’s torso. In the third round, Lionheart served more punishment with body shots on ground, taking Nelson’s back and dishing out more knees to body. Lionheart came out victorious where all three judges scored in his favor for a unanimous decision victory. With the fabulous back drop and location of the massive venue, the energetic and interactive crowd, each fighter is eager to get into another WCC cage in the near future. (U/D 30/27 Tuxford)

Timothy Tyler a tough scrapper out of Pennsauken, NJ fighting out of Hands Up Studios and NPR faced off against Elijah Harris of Shippensburg, PA. Round one saw Harris punishing Tyler with brutal knees to face and body in the clinch; Tyler kept pace and defended takedowns; however, the referee called the fight at end of round one as Tyler went back to his corner thinking and feeling as if he’d broken a rib from a devastating slam by Harris. (Ref stoppage Rd 1 Harris)

Weighing in at 135 lbs, Ben “BMO” Moser, with an ammy record of 3-3, fighting out of Myerstown, PA represented Ephrata Mixed Martial Arts in what was a brawl against a tough fighter from a tough school. BMO as always, brought a big crowd in for WCC 19 for a great turnout for his fight against Matt “White Chocolate” Turnbull, a bantamweight on a two-fight win streak. Fighting out of Philadelphia, PA representing Martinez BJJ, Turnbull was victorious with a dominant performance securing a unanimous decision victory against the hometown boy in a brilliant fight. He now boasts a new amateur record of 6-2. Moser said that he learned a lot about himself and where he needs to grow and is looking forward to defending his title in 2017. Turnball gave all credit to Martinez BJJ for his victory and credited his opponent as one of the toughest dudes he’s fought. Both fighters showed utmost respect and good sportsmanship even though the crowd got “lively”. (U/D 29/28 Turnbull)

Jamal “Dark Horse” Johnson, finessed in charm and humility outside of the cage, is a literal terror inside the cage and is truly a dark horse in the division. The reigning defending WCC Lightweight Champion representing Martial Club out of Baltimore, MD, came into this fight with a two-fight win streak. Fighting at his highest weight yet at 155, he now has a new amateur record of 7-4. In another great fight going to the decision, Round one saw both fighters checking powerful leg kicks and showing amazing transitions. I was sitting next to one of the judges who remarked that this was the kind of fight where he hates his job because it was too close to call. Dark Horse showcased his talents on that WCC stage. Vanderslice was his foil. With major pounding and top control most of round two, Johnson tested his mettle and in Round 3 with more of the same. The rugged and powerful Zack Vanderslice, who stepped up to fight him on short notice, showed the true meaning that “fighters fight” a noble sentiment in the WCC fight world. Often times, fighters like Vanderslice save cards because of their stepping up to fight fighters whose opponents needed to drop out of a card for various reasons. The respect and great sportsmanship shown is a testament to their strength. What a gritty performance by both fighters and clearly the best performance by Johnson against one of his toughest opponents for the belt to be cinched around Johnson’s waist. He remarked that, as always, he’s thrilled with the shows WCC puts on but even more thrilled with the opportunity to showcase his talents on their stage given the especially great professionalism shown to him by WCC. Next opponent – Elijah Harris! (U/D 29/28, 29/28, 30/27 Jamal Johnson)

In his professional debut at 145, Michael Serrano representing Gracie 717 took on an impressive Steve Jones representing Wrecking Crew. Jones remarked that after taking a year off, he worked on his game and trained five times a week for his comeback. Steve Jones had the takedown and had Serrano defending the choke to no avail. Jones sunk it in tight. Jones’ dedication showed in the cage that night tapping Serrano out to a rear naked choke at one minute thirty-one seconds into the very first round. (RNC Rd1 Jones)

Bringing in the close to an exciting stacked card, Anthony “Tatsu” (pronounced “taught-sue”) Tisdale, a featherweight fighter out of Winston Salem, NC representing Combat Athletics with an amateur record of 6-7 and a professional record of 2-7 faced off against Zak Kelly. Both fighters got right into the 145 lb. action with a take down by Tisdale; however, Kelly tied him up and sunk in the vice for a beautiful tapout submission by way of triangle choke in the very first round. Despite this tough loss, Tisdale plans to fight there again with WCC stronger than ever. (triangle choke RD1 Kelly)

Article/Photographs by: Maggie McMaster