BOUT DATE: SEPT 15, 2018
TIME: 7pm

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Multiple belt holder, Professional boxer also, Bare Knuckle Champion Tyler Canning will face noisy MMA fighter, Tyler Vogel in Saturday Night Fights in Co Main Event. In Canning’s most recent bout, he defeated former 4x World Champion Robert Daniels, for a bare knuckle Pro Title. Canning well-known in his area of the country, started out with several Golden Glove Titles before his pro career began. The Cannon has gone 3-1 in his last 4 bouts, this last year, and has no doubt that will be 4-1 after tonight.

There has been great tension, about what might happen at the weigh ins before last night with all the talk that has been going on, between the two. Vogel in the past taking jabs at Cannings recent weight gain, plus more. He (Vogel) found Canning, known for his humor showing up to the weigh ins, wearing French Fry boxers, fancy grill piece, and a “FUCK VOGEL” baseball cap.

When FightBookMMA spoke with Canning Wednesday we of course wanted to ask him for his comment on matters. At one point mentioning he believed his best tools were his” head movement, defense overall, killer body shots, and my ability to use his range.” He went on and add when asked the same about Vogel he struggled to find an answer, eventually stating “ He (Vogel) can move around alright, but I haven’t seen any of Vogels boxing, only his MMA fights. Maybe his hooks are ok, but Boxing is way different than MMA.”

Canning has dropped 20lb. non cutting real weight pounds recently, and mentioned he could have lost more, but he agreed to this bout weight, months ago, and wanted to stay around 200lb. until after. “I wanna lose about 20lb a month, for the next couple months for sure. I know what I need to do, and how to do it. People have been helping me with supplements, combined with saving up some money, my fight pay, My girl has a good paying job, I was able to quit my job a month ago, allowing me to commit to more hours of training, combined with healthier eating. For the last month he said he had added 1 additional work out per training day, and 1 extra rest. This change has allowed him to “add longer runs, sprints, and agility type things.”

When asked about his management, Canning stated that his coach was handling most of that, but after this fight he wanted to find a full-time manager, because his coach can’t keep up with all the fight offers Canning has been getting recently. “ I’ve got asked to fight every month, for the rest of this fucking year, and I’ve just got too many people asking me. I’m like fuck”(chuckles). He (Canning) plans to drop more weight, keep his training the same to allow him to fight more often, the rest of the year, to get his name out there more, and to be able to support himself and his fighting career into a more full-time fighter role, the way it sounded. His goal was to drop weight to a minimum of 160lbs, but has hopes of meeting 154 again or lower if everything went perfect.

When I brought the subject of his 5’8” to Vogels 6’2” heights, Canning without hesitation said “ I prefer fighting taller fighters. I feel it’s an advantage for me. I can get under their punches, and use my range. I don’t think he (Vogel) has that down, in the boxing game.”

Canning wanted to close with thanking his friends and family for their support, and Ryan Herbst, Jamal Hans for helping with sponsors.

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