XIAOMI ROAD FC 032 Official Results, Photographs & Video Highlights

3 July, 2016 – Xiaomi ROAD FC 032 took place on 2 July in Changsha, China in front of a capacity audience of 7,000 at the Hunan International Conference and Exhibition Center in the Hunan TV complex. After the event was shown on China’s CCTV5, the ratings came in as the third most-viewed event in the time slot, garnering a record-breaking 40 million views.

Xiaomi ROAD FC 032 was held in Changsha, China, the hometown of China’s second-largest broadcaster Hunan TV, to celebrate a partnership that will develop across different media. Aorigele, star of ROAD FC’s first reality show in China, “ROAD Man”, went head to head with former K-1 Champion and fighting superstar Bob Sapp. Aorigele showed composure beyond his years leading up to the biggest battle of his life, and it helped him stay focused and get to the business of dispatching the goliath in just 39 seconds with precision punches and well-timed leg kicks.

Aorigele cried after the emotional and stunning victory, as his fans and family raised the roof with glee.

In the battle of two of Asia’s most notable products, Korea’s Kim Soo-Chul left little doubt who is the king of the hill when he demolished UFC veteran Jumabieke Tuerxun with a body punch to ribs that had already been tenderized with an opening kick.

Bieke’s initial recovery with a double leg takedown had Kim in real danger from his impressive strength. However, Kim was able to cage walk up and out, where he began an assault that included a perfect head kick and the final combination to seal the deal at just over a minute in the first round.

In a combination of women’s fights against Team Date fighters of Japan, teen sensation Lee Ye-Ji earned a stoic decision over Hana Date, and Lin Heqin outpointed Nori Date with constant chopping leg kicks.

China champion wrestler Hou Zhenlin made impressive quick work of MMA warhorse Gwak Byeong-In by taking him down into his world of the canvas, blocking him against the cage, and raining down an endless barrage of punches to finally get the stoppage at 2:16 of the first round.

UFC TUF China veteran Albert Cheng made a triumphant homecoming to his family’s city of Changsha with a fantastic display of powerful punches and grinding pressure against Lee Hyeong-Seok. Cheng’s well-earned decision put the crowd on their feet for him.

Asakura Kai and Liu Xiaoyang came out at the bell with thrilling ferocity. Sanda specialist Liu went for a brutal head toss, but karateka Asakura kept a dominant position, and was able to work around to get a rear naked choke finish.

He Jianwei and Kim Ok-Myoung fought their hearts out, as only two underdogs could. The tide turned back and forth with He’s striking looking good but Kim’s hard hitting getting the better of him, and He’s takedowns against Kim’s first round backtake. It wasn’t He’s night, and Kim took the decision on points.

Huang Zhenyue and Oh Du-Seok opened the night with a very good display of different striker’s styles. After two rounds, Huang’s counters and brutal leg kicks outworked Oh’s Muay Thai clinch and knees.

Below are the official results for XIAOMI ROAD FC 032 and photographs. Photo Credit: Road FC.
Main event: 
5th -Openweight Match
Aorigele vs. Bob Sapp
Aorigele defeats Bob Sapp by TKO (Pounding) at 1R 00:39
4th Women’s -56 Catchweight Match
Lin Heqin vs. Nori Date
Lin Heqin defeats Nori Date by decision 3:0
3rd  -65.5kg Featherweight Match
Jumabieke Tuerxun vs. Kim Soo-Chul
Kim Soo-Chul defeats Jumabieke Tuerxun by TKO (Pounding) at 1R 1:53
2nd Women’s -46.5 Catchweight Match
Lee Ye-Ji vs. Hana Date
Lee Ye-Ji defeats Hana Date by decision 2:0
1st -120kg Heavyweight Match
Hou Zhenlin vs. Gwak Byeong-In
Hou Zhenlin defeats Gwak Byeong-In by TKO (Pounding) at 1R 2:16
Preliminary Card: 
4th -70kg Lightweight Match
Albert Cheng vs. Lee Hyeung-Seok
Albert Cheng defeats Lee Hyeung-Seok by decision 3:0
3rd -57kg Flyweight Match
Liu Xiaoyang vs. Asakura Kai
Asakura Kai defeats Liu Xiaoyang by RNC at 1R 1:53
2nd -61.5kg Bantamweight Match
He Jianwei  vs. Kim Ok-Myoung
Kim Ok-Myoung defeats He Jianwei by decision 3:0
1st -65.5kg Featherweight Match
Huang Zhenyue vs. Oh Du-Suk
Huang Zhenyue defeats Oh Du-Suk by decision 3:0


XIAOMI ROAD FC 032 Aorigele(아오르꺼러) vs. Bob Sapp(밥샙):

XIAOMI ROAD FC 032 Liu Xiaoyang(리우 샤오양) vs. Asakura Kai(아사쿠라 카이):

XIAOMI ROAD FC 032 Hou Zhenlin(허우 전린) vs. Gwak Byeong-In(곽병인):

XIAOMI ROAD FC 032 Huang Zhenyue(후앙 전웨) vs. Oh Du-Suk(오두석):

XIAOMI ROAD FC 032 Jumabieke Tuerxun(주마비에커 투얼쉰) vs. Kim Soo-Chul(김수철):

XIAOMI ROAD FC 032 He Jianwei(허 지안웨이) vs. Kim Ok-Myoung(김옥명):

XIAOMI ROAD FC 032 Albert Cheng(알버트 쳉) vs. Lee Hyeung-Seok(이형석):

XIAOMI ROAD FC 032 Lee Ye-Ji(이예지) vs. Hana Date(하나 다테):

XIAOMI ROAD FC 032 Lin Heqin(린 허친) vs. Nori Date(노리 다테):



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