Xiaomi ROAD FC 033 card complete for Hefei, China on 10 September

27 July, 2016 – Xiaomi ROAD FC 033 will take place on 10 September, 2016 at the Hefei Sports Center in Hefei, Anhui, China. The full card is now open.

At Bantamweight, veteran Alatengheili (10-6, Team Alateng) accepts a challenge from Jang Dae-Yeong (2-1, Von Jiujitsu). Alatengheili is on a magnificent winning streak of 3-0 in ROAD FC. Jang has come from a BJJ background and from the annals of the “Crying Fist” TV show. Expect a very good style versus style match up, as Jang will need to make a big grappling statement if he’s going to defeat surging Alatengheili.

At 100kgs, China’s Strongman Champion Zhang Jianjun (KO Fight Club) will take on Korean tough guy Kim Dae-Sung (Gwangju Team Crows). Zhang is resuming a fight career in which he earned accolades for his striking prowess. Kim has lost his last three fights at Middleweight, so he believes a non-weight cut match will set him back in the win column. Either way, expect a brutal finish!

In an Openweight bang up, two champion wrestlers will meet in MMA as China’s Hou Zhenlin faces Korea’s Shim Gun-Oh. Hou showed great power in his outing at ROAD FC 032 with a ground and pound win. And because of his wrestling acumen, youthful Shim has already faced mountains in his intro to MMA. This match will be a spectacular nation versus nation sporting clash!

At Lightweight, Turkish sensation Murat Kazgan will face up and comer Abe Ukyo. Both fighters come from a strong striking background, yet have surprising submission skills. This will be an unpredictable, yet probably rapid finish so don’t blink!

Opening ROAD FC 033 two rookies will star, as China’s Yang Junkai versus Korea’s Jang Ik-Hwan are set to ignite the event’s nation versus nation competition of the best fighters in Asia!

Xiaomi ROAD FC 033

Headlining Xiaomi ROAD FC 033 is an exciting Openweight Tournament special reserve match: Aorigele versus Myung Hyun-Man.

Two other matches were previously announced. Two of the hottest bantamweights in Asia face off when top Korean prospect Kim Min-Woo takes on Shooto Champion Yuta Nezu. Plus, fan favorites Hong Young-Ki and Uesako Hiroto will meet at Featherweight.

Event: Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 033

Date: Saturday, 10 September, 2016

Place: Hefei Sports Center, Hefei, China

[PART 2]

Openweight Match

Aorigele VS Myung Hyun-Man

Bantamweight Match

Kim Min-Woo VS Nezu Yuta

Bantamweight Match

Alatengheili VS Jang Dae-Yeong

Featherweight Match

Hong Young-Ki VS Uesako Hiroto

Heavyweight Match

Zhang Jianjun VS Kim Dae-Sung

[PART 1]

Openweight Match

Hou Zhenlin VS Shim Gun-Oh

Lightweight Match

Murat Kazgan VS Abe Ukyo

Featherweight Match

Yang Junkai VS Jang Ik-Hwan


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