Xiaomi ROAD FC 033 full results, recap and photos

27 September, 2016 Xiaomi ROAD FC 033 on 24 September, 2016 showcased 7 fights on the Young Guns 29 preliminary card, and 8 fights on the Main Card, culminating in Mighty Mo knocking out Choi Hong-Man to win the Tournament final and become the ROAD FC Openweight Champion.

Xiaomi ROAD FC 033 Recap

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The main card launched into immediate action with middleweight sluggers Kim Nae-Chul and Park Jung-Kyo trying to take each other’s heads off. Kim looked in excellent form and began loading up on his combos, but for all of his technique, he couldn’t fell the tough and taunting “Special Force” Park. Park deliberately ate punch after pinch and just when it seemed he could take no more, he threw out a straight right that buckled Kim’s knees. It was an incredible war, with Kim’s hand being deservedly raised in a Unanimous Decision.

The second fight was the only women’s match on the card. China top prospect Lin Heqin and Taekwondo product Kim Hae-In put on a respectable performance of flashy kicks from their respective Sanda and Taekwondo backgrounds. While each tried takedowns for a ground game, Lin got the back and near choke in Round 1. From aggressive striking to work in the clinch in Round two, the scorecards delivered a Draw for Lin’s and Kim’s respectable performance.

In the third match, as predicted Nandin Erdene and Ki Won-Bin came out swinging. They turned on the heavy kicks and exchanged everything in their arsenals for the first minute. When Erdene landed one on the button, he swarmed in with huge walloping punches that sent Ki covering up against the cage, and the referee jumped in to stop more damage in just 1:17.

The fourth match had all-rounder Park Won-Sik paired with grappling ace Abe Ukyo. Abe wasted no time in shooting and snagging an ankle lock. Park looked to be in danger, but his experience took over and he spun out enough to smash Abe from behind. At just 41 seconds, Abe was out and the match waived off.

The fifth match continued the amazing finishing trend, as super striker Nezu Yuta went right for the head kick and hot prospect Kim Min-Woo blocked and delivered a counter to the chin that dropped Nezu to the canvas in a remarkable 15 seconds.

Sasaki Shinji and Bruno Miranda played out very differently than what had been expected based on their previous matches. Initially, Miranda used his kicks to punish Sasaki’s legs. Then an early hard punch from Sasaki sent Miranda backwards, and Sasaki rushed into his bread and butter, takedown and grapple mode. Sasaki forced Miranda to defend huge amounts of pressure to make it into the second round, where Miranda again showcased his brilliant striking until Sasaki earned the takedown and worked into position for a textbook triangle submission.

The Co-Main Event delivered even more surprises. Taekwondo master Hong Young-Ki mixed up his game by opting to straight away shoot on Uesako Hiroto. Uesako caught him with a knee on the way in, and followed Hong with punches as he went down. In just 31 seconds, the referee called the fight a TKO for Uesako, silencing Hong’s hometown crowd.

In the Main Event, an historic match between behemoths of the sport ushered in the first ROAD FC Openweight Champion. Choi Hong-Man and Mighty Mo met for the third time in their respective careers in a tie-breaker bout. The first minute was a tension-building feeling out between the long-time rivals. Mo cornered Choi to the cage and delivered punch after punch to Choi’s right ribs. Choi got off the cage and clinched, delivering one of his breathtaking knees. Choi smiled just as in their first meetings and he weathered some incredible pain from Mo, but Mo’s punches eventually found their mark. A right to the temple sat Choi on the ground with just a minute left in the first round. Mighty Mo was crowned the first ROAD FC Openweight Champion.

ROAD FC Young Guns 29

ROAD FC Young Guns 29 preliminary fights delivered very competitive action from the up and comers in ROAD FC.

Submission finishes were seen by Stuart Gooch over Choi Won-Jun by rear naked choke, and Lee Jeong-Young slapped on a fast armbar to Cho Gyeong-Eui in just 18 seconds.

For the striking finishes, Jang Ik-Hwan landed a perfect liver kick to crumple Yang Junkai.

The remaining four matches were decision wins. Jang Dae-Young and Kim Yong-Geun put on a technical striking match with Jang taking the win on points. Lee Hoo-Sun and Kim Se-Yeong ran the gamut from punching to takedowns and grappling, and Kim won on points. Oh Jae-Sung and Kim Ji-Hun tried to finish each other every way possible in their middleweight match; with both exhausted, Kim had his hand raised by Split Decision. Finally, Kim Tae-Gyun put on his unique and fun performance against Kim Kyu-Hwa, but because of a 10 point penalty for missing weight, the scorecards added up to give Kim Kyu-Hwa the win.

XIAOMI ROAD FC 033 Official Results

Openweight Tournament Championship Final

  • Mighty Mo defeats Choi Hong-Man by KO, r1, 4:06

Featherweight Match

  • Uesako Hiroto def Hong Young-Ki by TKO, r1, 0:31

-72.5 Catchweight Match

  • Sasaki Shinji def Bruno Miranda by Submission, triangle, r2, 4:50

Bantamweight Match

  • Kim Min-Woo defeats Nezu Yuta by TKO, r1, 0:15

Lightweight Match

  • Park Won-Sik defeats Abe Ukyo by TKO, rd 1, 0:41

Lightweight Match

  • Nandinerdene def Ki Won-Bin by TKO, rd 1, 1:17

Women’s -54 Catchweight Match

  • Lin Heqin and Kim Hae-In fight to a Majority Draw

Middleweight Match

  • Kim Nae-Chul defeats Park Jung-Kyo by Unanimous Decision

Xiaomi ROAD FC YOUNG GUNS 29 Official Results

7th Bantamweight Match

  • Jang Dae-Young defeats Kim Yong-Geun by decision 3:0

6th -64kg Catchweight Match

  • Jang Ik-Hwan defeats Yang Junkai by TKO (Kick) at 1R 3:12

5th Featherweight Match

  • Kim Se-Yeong defeats Lee Hoo-Sun by decision 3:0

4th Featherweight Match

  • Lee Jeong-Young defeats Cho Gyeong-Eui by Submission (Armbar) at 1R 0:18

3rd Middleweight Match

  • Kim Ji-Hun defeats Oh Jae-Sung by decision 2:1

2nd Flyweight Match

  • Kim Kyu-Hwa defeats Kim Tae-Gyun by decision 3:0

1st Welterweight Match

  • Stuart Gooch defeats Choi Won-Jun by Submission (RNC) at 2R 2:19



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