Xiaomi ROAD FC 033 Official weigh in results and photographs

Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 033

Saturday, 24 September, 2016

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Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South Korea

23 September, 2016 ROAD Fighting Championship announces the Official weigh in results for Xiaomi ROAD FC 033 and Young Guns 29 which will be held on 24 September. As expected, the Openweight Tournament Championship Finalists weighed in large. Choi Hong-Man tipped the scales at 161.5kg, and Mighty Mo logged an impressive 132.5kg.

Choi Hong-Man said,

“I focused really hard on training mentally and physically for this match. Compared to my hayday at 100%, I guess I’m about 80%? But I am satisfied with myself. Tomorrow, the belt goes home with me.”

Mighty Mo said,

“I’m at 100%. Hong-Man is a big person. I’m going to get inside and use my strength there. This is our third match. I’m going to put him down and damage him.”

Full Official weigh in results and live broadcast information below.

17:00 Young Guns 29

20:00 ROAD FC 033

Live on SuperAction in Korea

Live on CCTV5 in China

Live on Abema in Japan

Live around the world on Epicentre

XIAOMI ROAD FC 033 Official Weigh-Results :

Openweight Tournament Championship Final

  • Choi Hong-Man vs Mighty Mo
  • Choi Hong-Man : 161.5kg
  • Mighty Mo : 132.5kg

Featherweight Match

  • Hong Young-Ki VS Uesako Hiroto
  • Hong Young-Ki : 65.4kg (Pass)
  • Uesako Hiroto : 65.7kg (Pass)

-72.5 Catchweight Match

  • Shinji Sasaki vs Bruno Miranda
  • Shinji Sasaki : 72.95kg (Pass)
  • Bruno Miranda : 72.75kg (Pass)

Bantamweight Match

  • Kim Min-Woo VS Nezu Yuta
  • Kim Min-Woo : 61.85kg (Pass)
  • Nezu Yuta : 61.55kg (Pass)

Lightweight Match

  • Park Won-Sik vs Abe Ukyo
  • Park Won-Sik : 71.7kg (Fail) 71.5 final, penalty: forfeit fight money, deduct 10 points each round.
  • Abe Ukyo : 70.25kg (Pass)

Lightweight Match

  • Nandin Erdene vs Ki Won-Bin
  • Nandin Erdene : 70.4kg (Pass)
  • Ki Won-Bin : 70.15kg (Pass)

Women’s -54 Catchweight Match

  • Lin Heqin vs Kim Hae-In
  • Lin Heqin : 54.05kg (Pass)
  • Kim Hae-In : 54.1kg (Pass)

Middleweight Match

  • Kim Nae-Chul vs Park Jung-Kyo
  • Kim Nae-Chul : 84.3kg (Pass)
  • Park Jung-Kyo : 84.1kg (Pass)


Bantamweight Match

  • Jang Dae-Young vs Kim Yong-Geun
  • Jang Dae-Young : 63.3kg (Pass)
  • Kim Yong-Geun : 63.4kg (Pass)

-64kg Catchweight Match

  • Yang Junkai VS Jang Ik-Hwan
  • Yang Junkai : 63.5kg (Pass)
  • Jang Ik-Hwan : 64.3kg (Pass)

Featherweight Match

  • Lee Hoo-Sun VS Kim Se-Yeong
  • Lee Hoo-Sun : 65.8kg (Pass)
  • Kim Se-Yeong : 65.75kg (Pass)

Featherweight Match

  • Lee Jeong-Young VS Cho Gyeong-Eui
  • Lee Jeong-Young : 65.9kg (Pass)
  • Cho Gyeong-Eui : 65.85kg (Pass)

Middleweight Match

  • Oh-Jae-Sung VS Kim Ji-Hun
  • Oh-Jae-Sung : 84.1kg (Pass)
  • Kim Ji-Hun : 84.1kg (Pass)

Flyweight Match

  • Kim Kyu-Hwa VS Kim Tae-Gyun
  • Kim Kyu-Hwa : 57.35kg (Pass)
  • Kim Tae-Gyun : 58.4g (Fail), final 58.4 – penalty: forfeit fight money, deduct 10 points each round.

Welterweight Match

  • Stuart Gooch VS Choi Won-Jun
  • Stuart Gooch : 77.2kg (Pass)
  • Choi Won-Jun: 77.3kg(Pass)



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